[Unlocked] Beat Blade: Dash Dance MOD (Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperBattleCry HQ Studio
Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Coins

Beat Blade: Dash Dance Description

The game Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a music-filled experience that will take you on an adventure through space. With songs with strong background music, players control the character and slash cube blocks to score points while avoiding traps if they do not want their game to stop. The fanciful music space becomes your own when wearing headphones because every note can be heard in all its glory as race against time for more famous tracks.

In this game, you are the only character and your goal is to make it through all of the levels. Your only obstacles in each level will be cubes or traps which can both slow down your progress. In order for a player to succeed they must have mastery over their cube-cutting skills as well as timing themselves with every movement so that enough time is taken between cutting one trap and moving onto another. There are three different difficulties available whenever players choose from any given song: easy medium hard . Be sure not to skip out on even one challenge because if you do then there’s no telling how long it would take before completing the whole thing!

Every time you touch the sides, these powerful weapons will slice your cube. Here are some of my favorite: Demon Blade- a red sword that has an electric arc if it touches water; Watermelon – you know this fruit but here it is used as a weapon to smash those cubes; Flying Pan – this yellow egg frying pan can fly through midair at any speed on its own accord! Lastly is Star Wand – a magical wand with rainbow sprinkles which can make the cubes vanish automatically if only know how to wield it.

The colors in this game will be bright and unique, like neon lights. You need to have a headset on because it’s not just any old video game – the experience is meant for music lovers! Your world outside of the screen won’t matter when you’re completely immersed in sounds that are both catchy and vibrant. Let yourself get lost with each beat as they race by at an effervescent pace while being enraptured by captivating visuals unlike anything you’ve seen before.

From the moment you start playing, it seems like everything is going well. You can control your character’s direction by just dragging on the screen and release if there are no obstacles ahead of him/her. But when an obstacle appears in front of them (most likely a wall), they have to quickly touch back down onto their mobile device’s touchscreen so that they regain controls over where he or she goes next!

One thing that I would like to mention is the fact that this game really improves your hand-eye coordination. It also improves your reaction time as if you don’t do the necessary action after seeing an obstacle in time then the game will be over. There are many games out there who could improve your reaction times but this one is the best in my opinion. It also helps to reduce your stress levels as you could listen to chill lofy beats as you go through slashing those obstacles.

I remember playing this game when it first came out. It had a ton of features, like great music and gameplay that were addicting to play. The only downside was ads every few seconds but besides that I loved the game! One thing I would have liked is an option where you could make your own song or set up multiplayer challenges with other players in different parts of the world because as enticing as making my own songs sounds, sometimes its just too time-consuming for me so if they added something more fast-paced then it might be worth exploring again.

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