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DeveloperBuff Studio (Story Games Calm Games)
Requirements4.4 and up
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Argo’s Choice: Visual Novel, Crime Adventure Game Video


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Unlimited Money

Argo’s Choice: Visual Novel, Crime Adventure Game Description

Do you get bored while reading books? Are you tired of the same chatting game, crime story game or visual novel that you have played over and over again? Argo’s Choice is the game for you!

  • With an interactive story determined by your choices, Argo’s Story begins in a dark world colored by corruption and crime.
  • Argo’s Choice is a free game with no ads, and we also offer in-app purchases for those who want to access special features. You can play through the story three times – this time as Argo himself, his friend Soma, or even his nemesis!
  • Argo’s Choice offers players of all ages an immersive experience that will have them hooked from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing it on your phone or tablet: This visual novel has been designed so well that it looks beautiful on both screens and devices alike!
  • With over 100 beautiful backgrounds designed just for you in HD quality, our aim is high when we say that everyone will love playing this visual novel.
  • With the aim set high, we are confident that you’ll love Argo’s Choice as much as we do when you take the first step into its gripping storyline.
  • Recommended game for people who enjoy story games like Duskwood Mysteries or Danganronpa, visual novels like Fate/Stay Night and Ace Attorney.
  • Argo’s Choice is a game for those who love reading stories but also enjoy making decisions that will change the plot as they go along!
  • Be immersed in this gripping tale of crime and mystery where your choices determine not just what happens to Argo, but everyone around him too.

The game begins with Argo, a private detective who is on the brink of death as he searches for clues to find his partner’s murderer. In this dark world where crime and corruption run rampant, Argo must fight through obstacles by making choices that will affect him throughout life.

With this game, the player must explore their choices with careful reading to grasp all of it. You will find that Argo’s Choice offers a plot-focused experience where players interact heavily in conversations and other events throughout play. The interface is never boring as there are many different ways things can go depending on your decisions – you’ll be able to see how they unfold for yourself when you start playing!

You can play through three different perspectives: first as Argo himself; second from Soma’s perspective – one of Argo’s closest friends; or even thirdly from Tidus’ point of view – an old enemy!

I’m not usually one for games, but I was hooked after playing Argo. The artwork is stunning and the storyline really draws you in. My favorite part of it all though has to be how immersive everything feels – even if there are some minor grammatical errors that don’t affect gameplay too much, they do make me want to keep going! All these effects seem more enticing with ads thrown in every now and then when I need a boost or two on my ticket system; luckily, those help out quite nicely!

Download and start playing the game to know more.

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