[Unlocked] APUS Launcher: Themes, Hide Apps, Live Wallpapers

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DeveloperAPUS Group
Requirements4.4 and up
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Apus Launcher: Themes, Hide Apps, Live Wallpapers Description

Apus launcher is a simple and easy-to-use launcher. This launcher is really beautiful, it is very colorful and is visually enticing as well. The app boasts of its simplicity, it is very clean, unlike other launchers that go way too far in customizing and thus end up making it look too busy. This launcher has a lot of good themes and wallpapers on offer, the themes are especially one of the best, they are colorful and minimalistic, exactly the way I like things to be, there are options of static as well as dynamic wallpapers, if you ever find the static wallpapers boring, you can always switch to the dynamic ones!!!

The main screen of the phone shows the most common apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, gallery, etc. At the bottom, you have apps like camera, telephone, contacts, and google chrome. The layout is tidy but yet it looks very elegant. Segregation is a unique feature of this launcher, any app that you install apart from the ones that are mentioned above is stored in folders, there is a multimedia folder that has all the multimedia apps, a game folder that houses all your games in one place. Well, things are not over yet, inside each of these folders, not only do you get to see the apps but you also get suggestions for popular apps among similar users. For example, the game folder shows all the games that are pre-installed and also shows suggestions of games that are popular among users like you.

People might confuse the minimalistic nature of the app to be boring but once they start using it, they will surely understand how functional, practical, and classy it is!! The app also features a widget that brings in a lot of functionality like a clock, wifi, data usage, weather forecast, and news according to the location of your mobile phone. The icons look good and you can change the size according to your wish, I usually prefer smaller icons because not only do they look good but also open up more space for other important apps, especially on the home screen.

You can also choose between different transitions that the app offers, it is fast and the transitions are really smooth. The one-tap boost in this launcher removes all the unnecessary apps from the background, clears the RAM, and thus frees up space.

The best thing about the Apus launcher is that it just takes more than a megabyte of space on your phone, this makes the app really light, a heavy launcher is in any way not a sustainable thing and you will be stressing up your phone without any reason, moreover, if your phone has aggressive RAM management, it might as well close the launcher by itself sometimes. Apus launcher also provides the option of quick search that lets you search apps from the app drawer. It also helps you to hide apps that are really personal, you can also add password protection to the apps giving you full control over it. Apus launcher is a one-stop solution for you if you want something that is simple and has a lot of functionality to explore.

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