[UNLOCKED] Animal Restaurant MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Animal Restaurant Description

When the kind family opened their new restaurant, they found themselves with a problem. They needed help running it but didn’t have any employees! Luckily for them, when they were moving in to open up shop there was one building that had been vacant and forgotten about – an old animal shelter just sitting unused on campus since its closure two years ago. The abandoned place turned out to be perfect: there was nothing but a cat. They decided to adopt the cat since it could help them in their restaurant.
The resulting game is Animal Restaurant, where you manage your own little pet-friendly business; tending customers’ needs as well as those of our furry companions who are so eager to lend a paw (or tail) whenever possible!

The game offers a menu of extremely diverse dishes. You don’t have them on the first day, you have to unlock and master cooking skills gradually in order to cook these unique creations. The dishes at your restaurant are inspired by various cultures around the world- artistic representations from Japanese cuisine such as sushi all-stars like nigiri or makizushi; Persian classics with chelo kebab and much more.

This game has a cool, refreshing vibe. The content is really funny with some seriously zany characters. One of the first people mentioned in this story is Gumi- he’s an owner of a restaurant who doesn’t take crap from anyone! He’s usually portrayed as being very friendly and sociable too though- sometimes even going so far as to be nice to customers that are acting like jerks towards him or other patrons at his establishment when you’re not expecting it either (he can also handle himself well enough against those types).

Animal Restaurant is a visual novel game that features 2D anime graphics and playful background music. Players can see all the quirky animal shapes as well as objects inside of this restaurant, which makes it quite eye-catching. It has an upbeat soundtrack that will make you want to play more!

I would like to mention that I just love how this game is so simple and yet it’s still really fun. I actually find myself getting addicted to it because there are always new challenges each time you play the game, which makes for a great experience every single day. As an adult who has had their fair share of games with non-stop action that can get tiring at times, I appreciate having something different than what other restaurants games. It was really an awesome game.

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