[UNLOCKED] Almost a Hero MOD – Idle RPG (Free Shopping)

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DeveloperBee Square Games
Requirements4.1 and up
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Almost a Hero – Idle RPG: When the heroic picture is mentioned, certainly no one thinks of fools. Heroes must possess characteristics that set them apart from average citizens, such as intellect, agility, and fitness. They will be able to quickly defeat monsters as a result of these brilliant characteristics. However, some game developers find the heroic picture to be too monotonous and wish to introduce a new theme to the player. For the producers of Bee Square Games, “Almost Heroes” does not have to be very good; they are a little silly. However, these individuals have the potential to save the planet from impending dangers.


Almost a Hero – Idle RPG is a well-known product in the mobile gaming community due to the fact that it incorporates two common elements. Idle RPG combines the allure and drama of RPG gaming with the low investment time required by the idle process. With over one million downloads on Google Play, it has proved to be a fruitful marriage of these two seemingly unrelated games.


When you enter the game, you’ll be able to take part in a journey against the dark powers as a member of a criminal gang. They are not the most vicious and cunning criminals, but the 15 most ineffective and vicious. However, destiny has compelled the “almost heroes” to embark on this perilous adventure. These people have the ability to make magic, turn themselves from zeroes to heroes, or die. You will have the final say in this thrilling and enjoyable fight. The setting will be an ancient world, where legendary events will unfold in front of the player. All of the fools in your squad will have to undergo intensive training in order to learn how to fight, function cooperatively, and even learn magic.



The battle will take place on a vertical screen split into two halves. Each side will be followed by five “heroes” who will be able to battle immediately upon meeting. At this stage, the RPG element becomes apparent when the player has complete control over his character’s ability toss skills in order to attack the enemy. These characters are triggered automatically in the game and can be updated while the game is running (the rings system: 3 thunder, fire, ice).



Additionally, chests, goblets, and medications can be purchased after the fight to upgrade strength, as well as other equipment such as armour, gloves, caps, and glasses. The higher your rank, the more levels and types of levels you can unlock. These buffoons would eventually become “almost heroes.”


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