[UNLOCKED] AirAttack 2 MOD 1.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

AirAttack 2 – WW2 Airplanes Shooter Description

As a child, we all used to fantasize about fighter planes and that how they looked so cool while flipping and maneuvering in the air, now while all of us cannot be flying a fighter plane in the real world, this should not stop you from getting the thrills of the air, the player will not only be able to fly but will also be able to understand the dynamics. The game that will let you experience fighter planes is Air Attack 2: WW2 Airplanes Shooter. This game is a sequel to Air Attack and is developed by Colya.

The developers have gotten famous from the time they released the first sequel because they got massively successful with that and the game was loved by all. The thrills of flying a plane by yourself is something that is unimaginable, it brings so much of joy, that you might have never experienced it. The game is packed with features that will bring a great amount of joy and hence engagement for the player. The game has a lot of challenging levels that will help you grow. The player will get to understand the dynamics of the fighter plane and that is equally important in order to excel in the field.

The game has so many things to offer the player that he/she will never get bored. There are so many missions that you can explore here, the player can take part in these and brush up their skills. The game also offers a lot of survival modes wherein things will get tough and the player will have to fight for survival, this will put your skills on test and it is quite necessary because that will be the place where you will come across certain weaknesses of yours. The player should understand their enemy very well, the player will also have to learn skills on how to cut across the defenses of their enemy because this will make things easier for him/her. The game offers a number of planes to the players.

Each of these airplanes are different in the way they work, each one of them has a different attack system and hence each fires differently from the other. There is a Flamethrower, a tail gunner, a wingmen, some homing rockets and a lot more. All these planes will provide a very different kind of experience and the player will have to learn about each of them so that they are not only able to fly them but become an expert in handling it.

The one thing that seperates this game for the other games of the same genre is the kind of sound effects that the game has on offer. The 3D sound effects are quite enriching and give a great experience to the player. The game supports both portrait and landscape orientation so that the player can play in anyway that he finds comfortable. The game also uses a lot of lighting effects to portray a realistic image of the situation and while it might not be perfect, it works well and you will love each and every bit of it. The graphics of the game is pretty satisfactory and it doesn’t look odd in anyway.

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