[Unlocked] Air Scramble : Interceptor Fighter Jets MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Air Scramble : Interceptor Fighter Jets Description

Air Scrambler: Interceptor Fighter Jets is a game for enthusiasts who love flying jets irrespective of whether it is a real one or a simulator, it is also made for people who want to explore how things look like from the cockpit amidst an airstrike. The game is thrilling and the amount of excitement it brings along with itself is tremendous. Flying a fighter jet ain’t easy, be it in the real-life or the simulator, you will have to learn a few techniques and practice the same a number of times in order to gain some experience.

Fighter jets are fun because of the way they look and the way they gain speed, it is phenomenal at all levels, I absolutely love the way they fly, with so much zeal and eagerness. Controlling the aircraft is also a major task because of the way it gains velocity, it can be intimidating at once but is surely worth it!! The more you play the game, the more you will learn nuance and this will help you in becoming better and better every day. As children we all dreamt of flying an airplane or a fighter jet, this game completes our dream and though it is not real it somehow mimics the reality very well and I love it for that.

Fighter jets have become an essential part of fights in modern warfare and they do play a major role now because on-ground fights are very less and rare as well. Due to the aerodynamics of the jet and the powerful engine, they are able to cover large distances in a very short period of time, this allows for quicker attacks and the enemies are often taken by surprise due to this method of attack. Moreover, they prove to be of great significance even when some enemy of yours attacks suddenly, fighter jets can take down your enemies much easily as compared to on-ground warriors.

Air Scrambler: Interceptor Fighter jets offer a lot of fighter planes to choose from, you will simply never got bored of the collection, all of these jets will be equipped with guns and ammunition in order to completely destroy the enemy, these weapons will not only be powerful but will also have very high firing rates, not allowing the enemy to escape easily, high firing rate also ensures better damage infliction on your enemy, this, in turn, allows to kill the enemy a lot quicker.

The graphics of the game is also quite good and you cannot go wrong with it. The controls are well sorted out and there are specific controls for each of the weapons that have been installed on the fighter jet, they are very well laid out as well and hence easy to use. The game has a lot of missions that will challenge you every time, you need to be careful and ready for encountering these challenges all the time.

The game is small in terms of size but the fun associated with it is quite large, enough to make you happy and excited at the same time. Another important thing that this game demand is a quick reaction time, if you are someone who isn’t really quick to respond, you will have to suffer losses but don’t be sad because anything and everything can be improved with persistence and practice, so gear up yourself and jump into the world of fighter jets that are full of thrill and action.

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