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After School Girlfriend: Sexy Anime Dating Sim Description

After School Girlfriend mod apk is one of those games that is catered towards single male audience. It is a SFW game and you don’t have to hide from anyone as you play the game. This game will specificially attract teenage boys since they don’t have a very-well developed sense of the world. The protagonist of the game is also a teenager which also makes it even more relatable to young guys.

The story starts with a boy in school who is extremely good in sports due to which he needs to join three sports related clubs. The catch here though is that all of the club captains are females which makes it much more interesting for the male audience. All of the female captains are attractive and you will not be able to get your eyes off of them. The entire storyline revolves around the chemistry between the protagonist and the three girls. You will find that he is often confused between them and can’t decide which one of them is for him. The three female characters are slightly different from each other confusing the protagonist even more. All of them have similar qualities like being highly ambitious, hard-working, and supremely talented. They also are not the ‘cheerleaders’ of the school and so many of the boys don’t even notice them.

The protagonist however, has much deeper connection with the girls than other classmates. What makes it even more interesting is that you will get to know all of them personally which will lead you to know more about their personal tastes. There will be many different levels in the game and with each level you will get to know more about the girls. Use these information to progress in the game faster.

You can also date any of the three girls. What is interesting is that your dating choices will affect the flow of the storyline. The story can really take some crazy unexpected turns that will leave you in aww. One of the other most interesting thing is the fact that you can play with different girls at the same time. There are many bonuses in the game which are secretly hidden in the game. You need to have keen eyes to find them.

Since this game is essentially a teenager falling in love with multiple people you will find there are many heartbreaks just like the real life. I am happy the developers have included it in this game because it teaches how to handle it in real life. After School Girlfriend mod apk is for all those who are into any sort of teenage love. It will guide you how to navigate the twisted world of love affairs. Although, you cannot expect very deep philosophical lessons from this game but it is worth trying.

The best part of the game is that it is not meant to rip you off. You can play the game till the end without paying a single dime. Although, there are ads but it is already expected by most of the users. The graphics and the characters of the game are anime-like which makes it even more relatable. You may even find similar storylines in mainstream anime world. The sound effects of the game is done very well and they have put in great effort in making it awesome.

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