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The newest and most exciting game for your Android device is Adorable Home. The goal: to furnish a new home with all the comforts of modern suburban life as well as provide some much needed love, care, and companionship in this cold world. Along the way you’ll find adorable cat Snow who will become best friends if you give her enough attention! What’s first on our checklist? Clean up so we can start decorating it with lovely furniture like couches tables or TV stands – oh… silly me! We forgot something important — an LCD screen which comes complete with WiFi support so that while snow falls outside I’m watching my favorite shows inside where its warm by my fireplace filled wall unit from Ikea.

But we can’t just watch TV all day. Your partner needs to work and you have important chores around the house to do, such as preparing meals for your partner and feeding your kitty (or multiple kitties). Be sure that these tasks get done so they’ll love you more! You should also buy some furniture or decorations with their money in order help make them happy too… while being completely adorable of course! The more cats there are in your home, the cuter things will be which means even MORE photo moments captured on camera. These precious memories collected inside a retro photo album is something no one’s ever seen before – unless it was already happening at YOUR HOUSE last week 😉

We hope you enjoy Adorable Home! Our goal is for the game to be a passive and relaxing experience. Come back every couple hours, or so, and check in on what’s new: visiting woodland creatures that come by your home eager to give love; unlocking more areas of your house like Garden where these lovely critters reside too.

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