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The weather is unpredictable, but there’s one thing we can rely on: AccuWeather. They have the accuracy you need to stay ahead of today’s forecast and make it predictable with their in-depth report news, forecasts updates, severe weather alerts for all your local areas. Today’s temperature? Get accurate details at a glance without having to search through endless lists of complicated data points or look out your window! This app is simply amazing.

No matter where you are, get the weather report on your phone with Accuweather. Get today’s forecast and detailed reports for any location of interest to you no matter how remote it may be! You can be prepared for severe conditions such as tornadoes or hurricanes by getting daily updates from our live radar map. Monitor UV index in real time so that skin cancer doesn’t catch up to you before its too late!

They recently had switched over to a new and improved UI, with an easy-to-use layout that let’s you see all the info you need in a concise way. With MinuteCast providing minute by minute updates for your local weather forecast, as well as severe warnings when necessary; they have got you covered.

You’re in charge of your own weather. You can get hyper-localized mapping layers, check the temperature contour map, and live storm radar from Accuweather’s website to keep you updated on all that is happening with Mother Nature before it happens where you are at. Plus they also have articles and videos personalized for anyone wanting more information about what they need to know when out in this beautiful world!

If you’re looking for the most accurate and feature rich weather app, AccuWeather is your best option. It has a widget that may have some small glitches but they can be cleared with ease by force stopping or clearing its cache.

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