[Unlimited] ZooCraft: Animal Family MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Money

ZooCraft: Animal Family Description

Who doesn’t loves animals? I am not only talking about pets but other wild animals as well. There are many animals ranging from cheetahs, lions, tigers, zebra, elephants, to everyone’s favourite cats and dogs. It is one of the most interesting games I have played in recent times.

There are many things that you could do to in this game. You could build your own unique zoo. However, don’t be cruel and put them in small cages. You should treat them as they also are living beings and have emotions too. You should allow them to move freely. You should take a bit more care when it comes to wild animals as sometimes they can be unpredictable. If you take care of your zoo then your zoo will attract more visitors and that means more profit.

Wild animals require different kinds of food and you will have to take care of all of them. These food items will cost you a hell lot of money and so you need to take care of your balance sheets. Other than foos they don’t require much maintenance since they are used to live in forests and so they know how to carry on with their life.

One interesting thing that you could do in this game is cross breeding of all the animals in the zoo. It results in unique looking animals with varying characteristics. You could charge more from your visitors to see these interesting crossovers. Gene editing is also possible in this game and you could use it to not only keep them healthy but also make completely unique species with never seen before characteristics. The field of gene editing is also in works in the real world but it is in its infancy. The game has adapted many things from the gene editing field.

You could also customize the zoo as you want. You could bring in new new cages, install ice cream stalls, increase your parking area, make artificial lakes for crocodiles, alligators, dolphins, and other types of fishes. However, you need to plan properly before making the lakes as it might cause trouble. Lakes also require you to refresh it with freshwater periodically because if you don’t do that then many of the marine animals will die. This game has done quite well when it comes to simulating real life zoo management. Also, it is not an idle clicker game so you will not feel bored.

There are many weekly and monthly quests in the game that you could do to gain some extra coins and experience. These coins will help you to buy more equipments required for the effective maintenance of the zoo. You will also need to upgrade your existing equipments. You do have in app purchases if you don’t want to grind too much. Ads can also give you some boosts.

The graphics of the game is also great and you will not face any problems with it. The animals are designed to be extremely cute and funny. Kids will have a great time playing this game. The developers are also adding features to this game and making it even more interesting. The sound effects are taken from real animals. Your family members or friends will be shocked if you play this game besides them. The difficulty of all the levels are calibrated well enough and you will really have a good time playing it.

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