[Unlimited] Zombie Gunship Survival MOD 2.2.63 (No Overheating)

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No Overheating

Zombie Gunship Survival Description

Zombie Gunship Survival is not for the weak hearted. This game begins in an apocalyptic world where a majority of Earth’s population have been transformed to zombies. They are trying to turn the rest of the population into zombies as well. You need to kill them as soon as possible but it will not be easy as there are literally hordes of them. One thing that will keep you going is your determination. If you are not determined they will soon overpower the entire human race. Your role in this war is to kill the zombies from an AC 130 gunship seat. You will have to kill them but if you are continuously using the machine gun then it might get overheated and you will need to stop for few moments.

You can use the gun once it gets cooled down. But the point which I want to make here is that you cannot expect to keep firing blindly and win the game. You need to strategically use the machine gun in order to kill them all and pass the level. Also, as you keep progressing the zombies will use sneaky ways to attack your base and destroy it. You will also have to coordinate with your team in order to be more efficient and prudent. Your one mistake could completely ruin the entire mission. There are many ways by which you can better coordinate with your team. To do it you can follow the instructions given by your commanding officer and also communicate with your plane’s pilot to get better angles for killing them all.

Upgrading your weapons are crucial in this game and you can’t complete all the levels without it. You should upgrade your machine gun, sniper rifle, and rocket launchers. You can even upgrade the airplane itself so that it gains speed fast. There are also upgrades available that could make the plane gain and lose altitude faster. This will help you in turn to quickly kill those zombies who are using dubious methods to enter the base area. One thing which I didn’t really understand about this game is the fact that there are no navigation maps and it makes the game extraordinarily difficult at times. I hope the developers get to know about this and add the same.

The levels of the game are interesting enough with many twists and turn such that you will never feel bored. There are not many ads in the game although they do tend to popup from time to time. However, they are not annoying at all and you could play the game smoothly. If you feel that the ads are getting too much then you can purchase the No Ads feature from the game shop. Alternatively, you can turn off the internet as well but it does have the drawback that you might miss some important notifications. There are many bonuses in the game some of which are damn interesting. You can kill an army of zombies with the a particular bonus. This is really amazing and it makes you keep coming to the game.

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