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YouTube for Android TV Description

YouTube began supporting 8K videos in 2015 – long before 8K cameras or televisions were widely available. Five years later, flagship smartphones are capable of shooting video at that resolution, and although some 8K televisions are prohibitively expensive, they are not entirely out of control.

Thus, while this update to the YouTube for Android TV app is a little late, it is better than never. According to the changelog, the latest release adds “restricted 8K support to Android 10 and higher.” It’s unclear what “limited” means, but if you have an Android-powered smart TV, you can give it a try.

This is possibly the first 8K video to be posted to YouTube, and it seems like a good place to start. Even if you do not own an 8K television, the additional bandwidth should result in a higher-quality picture.

Changelog for YouTube for Android TV v2.12.08

Show the YouTube Music splash page
Support for Cast Connect is limited to Android 10 and higher.
Selection of resolutions improved
Corrected date and time inaccuracies
Numerous other platform enhancements
Additionally, the latest app supports Cast Connect. This is an improvement to the original protocol that simplifies the process of developing Cast-enabled apps for developers. The apps can be controlled through the television’s remote control, providing a more native experience. Additionally, the gui for selecting a resolution has been enhanced.

In either case, an earlier version of the changelog included a reference to AV1 HDR playback, which has since been removed (and Cast Connect was added). While YouTube for Android TV added support for AV1 in April, it appears that work on HDR is still ongoing.

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