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WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word,PDF,Excel Description

For a free office suite, WPS Office offers all the features you would expect from an expensive commercial software package. If your work relies on Word, Excel or PowerPoint and Google Drive is not enough for what you need to do — then download this program!

The WPS Office suite for Android is a great free alternative to Microsoft’s office suites. It includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation capabilities all in one package that users can access from their phone or tablet – even when you don’t have an Internet connection!

The PDF Reader application has all the features you need to work with your PDFs on any device. With this app, you can open and view documents anywhere without having an internet connection. You’ll be able to enjoy free annotation tools that allow for sharing feedback in a simplified manner via comments as well as signature capabilities so it’s easier than ever before when working with files from other devices or computers. In addition, there are many conversion options available including editing of office docs (word/text) into pdf formats- even Word Perfect file conversions! There is also support for scanning paper documents directly into digital format using just your phone camera and converting images straight onto mobile screens no matter where they originate from – now how about that?

There are over 40 functions who go for the premium version of the app. You can share bookmarks and documents with friends, family, or co-workers. You can also use the file reduce feature if you need to send a large document by email that might get flagged as spam mail (due to size). The turn picture function allows one photo into an editable Word doc; Excel spreadsheet ; PowerPoint presentation — perfect when we’re on the go but still want your notes organized in different files. File recovery is great when those pesky virus attacks happen thanks to all those unsecured USB sticks floating around these days.

WPS Office Android version now have a solution for working remotely. You will have 1G of free cloud storage for online editing and sharing files. When it comes time to share office documents, WIFI connection allows fast file transfer without worries about compatibility issues or security risks while NFC provides instant secure and private transmission when needed in order make your work life easier than ever before!

Here is my story on how I stumbled upon this app: I was worried about using this app at first because I have had such a hard time with all the other office apps out there. But when they keep advertising it, eventually I tried it to see what happens and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this app was nothing short of incredible.

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