[UNLIMITED] World Bus Driving Simulator MOD 1,291 (Large Amount Of Currency)

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DeveloperDynamic Games Ltda
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Large Amount Of Currency

World Bus Driving Simulator Description

The life of a bus driver is challenging and full of busy streets, but now you can live it in the most famous buses from Brazil and around the world. Feel like one with this game that will test all your skills as a driver through difficult roads! Collect coins to buy new pieces for painting or customize even more by picking other colors for skin detail or glasses frames. Choose between multiple different buses: vehicles with various power levels to simulate reality’s characteristics, feel what its really like being on those drivers’ seats when driving these awesome buses.

The input includes many new features that make the experience of driving more realistic. We tested real vehicles to collect opinions from professional drivers and bring a reality closer game for players, such as change grip on road according to type terrain or rainy day. Other added features include steering sensitivity adjustment and different control types – automatic and manual gearbox adjustments are also available when adjusting driver’s position inside the bus.

World Bus Driving Simulator is an open world game where you take on challenges and prove yourself a good driver. Drive through dangerous saws, dirt roads, and many other things! The map of this game will be expanded in future updates with several cities to choose from. Cycle day/night for beautiful visuals. Rain changes climate conditions – Beware when it’s raining because there are slippery surfaces which are bad for your bus! Leaderboards show how everyone ranks against each other so check them out often to see if you’re climbing up or falling down at any given time. You can also show your achievements to others. It has also has rules for traffic violations which may lead to fines by the law enforcement agencies. So don’t ever think of breaking traffic rules.

One of the many features to be excited about is a driver badge that allows you to put your own photo in. This helps show off who’s behind this bad boy!
The navigation on dashboards makes it easier for players, specifically those new drivers out there. The game also includes toll booths and gas stations.

I hope there would be a multiplayer mode. But it is nice game well developed.The graphics and sounds are realistic. It feels like you are driving a real bus. You all can give this game a try and let me know in the comments section how you felt about the same.

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