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DeveloperWhatsApp Inc.
Requirements4.1 and up
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WhatsApp Business Description

WhatsApp Business lets you be on top of your customer inquiries without having to check emails or remember phone numbers.

You can install both WhatsApp Messenger and the new business version, which is called “WhatsApp Business”. The two apps are connected through a single number so that customers who need assistance with their order will get an immediate response because it’s easier for them to reach out via text message than emailing back-and-forth about minor details like shipping costs.

The new business features in WhatsApp Messenger make it easy for your customers to find the information they need about your company and tells them when you’re on duty. With BUSINESS PROFILE, create a profile that includes all of the important details – like your website or contact info. Or use AWAY messages so people know how often you’ll be available by adding an away message whenever needed. Plus get more out of conversations with BUSINESS MESSAGING TOOLS! Create greetings from yourself at any time and let everyone know who really runs things around there (you).

If you’re looking to run a small business, WhatsApp Business is the perfect solution. It gives your customers an easy way of communicating with you and provides peace of mind so they know someone will be available on the other end in case their issue can’t wait for a reply. You’ll need to get both apps – WhatApp Messenger and Whatsapp Business- but don’t worry about running up data bills or carrying around two phones!

If you’re looking for a business-oriented messaging app, WhatsApp Business is your best bet. It includes all the features that are essential to any company’s communication needs: multimedia messages with free calls*, international text and video chats* (both of which have no cost), group chat facilities, offline message storage so future conversations can be read even when an internet connection isn’t available – there really is something in this package for everyone!

You may have privacy concerns about WhatsApp but trust me you will have no problem while using WhatsApp Business.

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