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Truecaller: Caller ID, Spam Blocking & Chat Description

Truecaller is the world’s best Caller ID and spam blocking app. With 50 crore downloads worldwide, you can feel comfortable managing all your calls and messages with a community-based spam list updated by millions of users across the globe! Download Truecaller today to help make any communication safe and efficient for you.

The world’s best Caller ID will identify anyone calling you, even before they call. It knows who your friends are and alerts them to the incoming phone number from an unknown caller so that you can decide if it’s worth answering or not! You don’t need to borrow a friend’s cell-phone in order for people around town know how often/longly they talk anymore. The app also lets users use Voice Calling – just like regular talking on the phone but without paying long distance fees! Don’t worry about missing important calls because of their frequent ringing; save those voicemail messages by recording them with this handy feature called Call Recording (helpful when we’re busy).

Block annoying calls, messages from unwanted numbers with a community-based reporting system that is always up to date. With the advanced blocking features you can block all types of callers including telemarketers, harassment victims (harassment includes but not limited to making repeated or obscene phonecalls), scammers (scammer refers to anyone using SMS/text messaging for fraudulent purposes) , fraudsters(fraudster means any person who operates scams such as phishing schemes in which they send emails masquerading as legitimate companies under false pretense so people will give out their personal information like bank account details).

Automatically identify every unknown SMS and block spam texts. Organize your messages into personal, important, other, or spam for easy access in the future with One-tap payments on transactional messages from your phone carrier provider. Chat one-on-one and live chat as a group to talk about anything you want!

Truecaller ID is one of the best spam blocking app. You should definitely get it on your phone.

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