[UNLIMITED] Truck Driver City Crush MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperNaxeex Studio
Requirements4.1 and up
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Play gangster action for free. The city of sins is unchangeable. All is on his own here. Profitability is a desire shared by all city residents. You are not an outlier. You came to this city with the intention of using your abilities to earn money. You are an excellent automobile thief. Your area of expertise is automobile theft. Competition abounds in the criminal sector. The city’s streets are ruled by criminal clans. You will need to attempt conquest of your territory. Demonstrate to the other gangsters that you are your guy and deserve respect. Assess your skills in an enthralling 3D car thief simulator. In a third-person shooter, you’ll have a truly immersive gameplay experience. Are you capable of being a resident of this perilous city? You are confronted by an open 3D environment. The southern metropolis is teeming with risks and thrilling adventures.


Complete the main game missions in the most efficient manner possible to obtain experience and money. Prior to missions, ensure that you have an adequate supply of ammunition for your weapons. You must possess an unlimited supply of health and stamina. All of this will help you in street brawls. You will choose to double the mission reward if you so desire. Keep track of critical tasks using a miniature map of the district. Tasks are denoted by unique icons.

You can simply enjoy yourself in the neighbourhood. Arrange races involving a variety of vehicles around the capital. Destroy fences, bins, boxes, traffic lights, and lampposts, among other things. Explore the ships anchored in the bay; you never know what secrets you’ll discover. Make an attempt to seize one of the military bases. If you are in charge of the mission, you will receive favourable incentives.


Pursue your preferred automobile or motorcycle. Participate in neighbourhood shootouts. Defend your neighbourhood from other gangs. Avoid police assault.


Locate chests found around the city and loot them for prizes. To unlock the castle, shoot the chests. Other useful objects are distributed throughout the area. Receive free crystals whenever you see an advertisement in the game.


Upgrade your child to ensure they are always the best. Dexterity, Accuracy, Power, and Endurance. These options continue to provide a significant advantage. Additionally, you will need the ability to handle firearms and drive a variety of vehicles.


Accomplishments in games can assist you in remembering to pump in the proper direction. Accomplishments and prizes are available for them.


The game is being developed on a more advanced version of the game engine. The game mechanics have evolved to be more considered, complex, and practical. Enhancements to the traffic system and the NPC. The game’s performance has been enhanced. This enables you to play easily on both your phone and tablet. You’ll be able to customise the game’s quality settings based on your device’s efficiency. A well-designed gui, a hint framework, and training lessons can help you grasp the concept of weight. At the start of the game, take the beginner’s course. Recognize the revolution, firing, street war, and driving systems. This enables you to easily begin completing missions.


The game features a sizable inventory for your gangster. Acquire interesting items and teach yourself how to use them. Avoid missing out on offers on some items. You have access to a clothes shop, a suit and security equipment store, and a weapons store.


You may buy vehicles for a variety of purposes:

Bicycle – leisurely ride around the district, taking in fascinating sights and performing tricks.

Driving a sports car at high speeds is the quickest way to get around town.

A powerful truck that will shield you perfectly from city bullets. It enables you to overcome any obstacles.

Airplane – fly over the capital, conduct daring manoeuvres, and land in the designated locations.

A battle helicopter is an extremely powerful weapon. Permits you to enter all fortified areas and destroy adversaries.


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