[UNLIMITED] Transit King Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBON Games
Requirements4.4 and up
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At the moment, the global economy is undergoing an industrialization and modernization process. As a result, demand for trade has increased, and the exchange of goods has steadily gained popularity. This is because demand for trade grows, resulting in the growth of the shipping industry. Perhaps you are familiar with the fundamental forms of transportation, such as highways, rivers, railways, and air routes; each has clear advantages and disadvantages. Have you ever desired to advance your career by gaining knowledge of the shipping industry? Allow Transit King Tycoon – Transport Empire Builder to assist you in earning money and becoming the world’s richest man!

Transit King Tycoon is an arcade simulation game in which you play as the shipping industry’s tycoon. Perhaps you’ve dreamed what you’ll need to do in this game: create a transportation network, acquire and upgrade transportation vehicles, acquire shipments and cargo traffic, and so on., players will be transported to a stunning island located in the vast Caribbean Sea. The president of a corporation intends to develop this island into a major city, which they would affiliate with your shipping business.


Now, players will be charged with the responsibility of transporting everything required on this island, including fuel, construction materials, merchandise, and food. Players will be allocated transportation. The player must optimise the route and mode of transport. The transportation route should be brief, clean, and low-traffic. Once the criteria are met, the person will gain experience, bonuses, and will also be exposed to additional customers by the company. After some time, players will be able to master all of the island’s shipping services. However, as the number of customers grows, the player becomes very busy; thus, the player must purchase additional vehicles and ensure that work is completed on time; otherwise, the player may lose customers.


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