[Unlimited] Tiny Archers MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Tiny Archers Description

The concept of Tiny Archers is quite simple where you are required to save your tower using your archery skills. The game although very simple still has a lot to offer. Your motive in the game will be to save the tower at all costs, in order to execute this plan you will have to learn a very important skill that is archery, you will have to learn how to use the bow and archer, aiming is really important here and it does require time and practice, the more you practice, the better you will become at knocking your enemies down, timing is another important factor in this game because the enemies approach you very quickly and if they are not knocked down in the pathway, they will reach you and kill you as well.

All of this might seem a lot but there are built-in commands in the game which will help you navigate through the game and will also help you in learning the skill of archery. Another interesting thing that engaged me more in this game were cinematic shots that come up while you launch the arrow towards your enemy, the whole scene where the arrow goes and hits the enemy right on his head is portrayed beautifully well in the game and spices up the feel of the game. This game also gives you control of whether you want to see blood or not!!! For a child turning off the blood, visuals are recommended as it can scare them.

The tiny details of this game like the bar that shows the health of the enemy, or the trajectory line that shows where your arrow is going to land make this game very special. They make it more engaging for the person behind the screen playing this game.

Tiny archers let you play with 4 different characters namely human, dwarf, elf, and beastmaster, you can choose the one you want to attack your enemies with and enjoy it!!! There are 4 different story modes in this game so that you never feel bored. The enemies may come as goblins, trolls, or skeletons, however, you will have enough resources like special arrows and special abilities to defeat them and know them down.

The game offers a number of arrows and bows that you can buy from, each of them has its own uniqueness and the blacksmith in the game not only manufactures it for you but also guides you so that you buy the best one possible. Any arrow hitting the enemy can either kill him or make him slow, you can lay traps in the enemy’s way that will reduce his health by a significant margin, and after which you can kill him down.

The game lets you explore great places, you can explore places like the elf cities, dwarf mines, forests, valleys, and haunted graveyards. If you ever feel that you have mastered the skill of archery, you can also play the hard mode of this game that is quite challenging and fun as well. You can also play in the new social feature and draw a comparison of how you fair against the other players, you can also chat with other players where you can share your scores or you can also ask for help!!!

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