[Unlimited] TerraGenesis MOD 6.22 ( Unlimited Currency)

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Requirements6.0 and up
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Unlimited Currency

TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Description

TerraGenesis – Space Settlers is a dream come true for all lovers of astronomy. The unique aspect of this game is the fact that there are many things that are based on true science in this game. So if you are a lover of interstellar space travel, alien life, and galaxies then this is the game for you. The developers of the game claim that many of the things in this game is based on data from NASA. While you can verify for yourself if their claim is correct by simply searching for it on Google. NASA makes most of its data available in the public domain.

TerraGenesis is an idle clicker game where you can build your planets and control every aspect of life in it. You could decide what kind of atmosphere the planet will have, whether it will be a dwarf planet, the existence of intelligent civilizations, and much more. You could also decide to have no life on your planet. Although, if you decide to do that then it will get pretty boring in my opinion. The most important things that you need to manage to support life on your planet are oxygen levels, sea levels, biomass, water, and the atmosphere. To maintain water levels you need to manage the ice levels on the planet. If you decide to melt more ice than required then there will be floods which will take many lives. On the contrary, extremely cold weather will limit the number of life forms on your planet.

One interesting feature of the game is that you could create multiple living organisms on the planet. You will start with 26 different phyla and 64 unique genes. You can combine them in almost any combination that you want but remember that randomly mixing genes will lead to creatures with some kind of deformities or the other. You can still try them if you want because this is a game and there are no real-world consequences of it. While I was playing the game I could create creatures that could both fly and swim. It was really fascinating and I am sure you could also create something equally interesting.

If you are bored with one planet then remember that you could have multiple planets. One thing to note is that as you introduce new planets into the solar system, the orbits of the existing planets will alter which means their distances will change from the star. Distance from the central star is important as it greatly affects life on the planet. Many of the players don’t think about it and are amazed when they see all creatures on a planet die as soon as they introduce new planets. Not only you will have to take care of the orbits of the planets but also asteroids in space. If you don’t take care of it then it can wipe out entire species from the planets.

The graphics of the game is also amazing and you will feel as if you are watching a space documentary. The best part of the game is that you are in control of everything in this universe. The player is the God in this game and we humans always love to have more power. Also, the game is filled with real information that could also help you to brush up on your concepts in astronomy. Learning while playing a game is especially good for your brain since there are visuals and sound effects which will help you in remembering things better than textbooks.

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