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As the name suggests Story Jar – Otome Dating game is a treasure trove of short romantic stories. These stories are inspired by folklores from many different parts of the world. What makes Story Jar unique is the fact they have added their own twists and turns to make it even more engaging. We will be providing you with the mod apk of this awesome game so that you don’t need to hassle anymore for those diamonds. The developers have tried their best to hook you into the stories with many parallel storylines as well.

There are many characters in the game that you might feel connected to. These are fictional stories but yet they capture your mind. Each character in the game has a background story and whether they are good or evil, you know the reason behind it. This literally sets it apart from many of it’s competitors. You may get emotional at times while playing the game. The entire game will remind you of animes. It is designed in the same way and it really shows.

There are many different mini stories in the game but the one which I found most interesting was the one involving pirates. The story goes like this that you are the princess of a fictional country and you have inherited a huge amount of wealth. The only problem is that you don’t know where it is hidden. You and your best friend Nagisa go on to explore the oceans. However, you would find dangerous pirates on your way. You will need help as you cannot fight them alone.

You could get help in only three ways. It includes taking help from the naval army of your country, a ship commanded by your fiancee’s friend, or people from a mysterious ship. Now you could choose any of the three options but remember that your fate will be decided upon this very decision. Each of the choices have their own unique sets of twists and turns. However, I had chosen the second one and I was quite happy from what transpired later on in the story. I would not like to give any other spoiler, however, you could be assured that you will be amazed at the end. I would like to take this opportunity to explain that sometimes the stories don’t have a very happy ending. It is tragic in many ways and you need to be mentally prepared before you even start playing the game.

The story writers have gone an extra mile to make it more realistic and honestly this is such a rare thing in this world. Most of the writers prefer to tell what you want to hear. They want to add to your biases and will never try to present a different perspective. This game doesn’t do that and it goes to great lengths to show you the dark side of human nature. Story Jar mod apk might seem like a very simple game but it is only meant for a very mature audience.

This game has a very addicting quality to it. It is possible to get tale tickets every 2 hours and to read so many stories that I find myself wanting to repeat them. You may choose from a variety of alternative endings, and you receive gems after reading each chapter, which is helpful, although I would want to receive them more regularly overall.

The graphics of the game is okayish in my opinion since they could do a lot better than this. However, the scenes have been designed very beautifully and it will certainly refresh your mind. What makes this game even more refreshing are the sound effects. The sound effects have been done pretty well and you would definitely enjoy it. Overall, it is a great game with some of the best short stories.

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