[Unlimited] Stick Wars 2 MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.1 and up
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Unlimited Money

Stick War: Legacy Description

Stick War: Legacy is a game for all legacy game enthusiasts. The characters of the game are a standout feature of this game. Typical stick characters are what make this game iconic. It is also one of the most rated games on the PlayStore. Don’t let those stick characters make you feel that this game is for kids. It is a true strategy game and you will have a tough time outwitting the game’s AI. As we all know the game’s AI is a machine learning algorithm and it gets better with more training data. Since this game has been downloaded over a million times it is pretty evident that the AI must have grown very strong. Stick War: Legacy can still be enjoyed by both newbie and experienced players alike.

The name of the world in this game is Inamorta world. In terms of the countries and their relationships, it is much like the medieval years of Earth. Every country is trying to expand its territories and loot and exploit the resources of other countries. The protagonist in the story is a peace-loving guy but in order to protect his country, he will need to engage in wars. Winning the wars is all about strategy and gauging the strength of your enemies. It might get difficult to gauge the strengths of your enemies since they might have some nefarious tricks up their sleeves. To combat them you need to learn some of the basic patterns while they are attacking your territories and respond accordingly. You must not also be hesitant to pour resources into the army of your country. They are the backbone of your kingdom.

Your army will have various types of units like archers, swordsmen, giants, and wizards. All of them have a role in the war and you need to use them strategically in order to win the war. For example, wizards don’t have much life in them but they can cause a huge amount of destruction in a short amount of time while giants have much more endurance but are slow to attack. The archers are great to defend your main castle. You will need to think before you make any decision. It is the effectiveness of the tactics that will help you win the levels.

Collecting resources is one of the most important tasks in this game. You cannot expect to win territories if your own kingdom lacks the basic resources. To solve that you can employ miners who will do the job for you. You also need to take care of the mined resources since they might get wasted or looted if they are not taken care of. You could create vaults in this game to store your resources. They offer the ultimate protection for your valuable resources and are a must-have for any kingdom. You also get the resources of the kingdoms you defeat which is great in my opinion. You cannot win this game if you are too noble.

The graphics of this game have been kept minimal on purpose so that the focus could be on strategy. It is the core of the game and you certainly cannot miss that. On the other hand, the sound effects are funny in my opinion. Yes, we are talking about wars but still, I had many giggles while playing the game. I hope you will also have a great experience as you play this game.

There is also a tournament mode which is great in my opinion. You could fight with other players from around the world. Although, I feel that there are more bots than real people I think it is just me. Overall, I would like everyone to download this game and give it a try.

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