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DeveloperHaz LTD
Requirements4.1 and up
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Special Ops: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games Video


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Special Ops: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games Description

You can compete in a team or as an individual and you will never be short of enemies to annihilate. The maps are specially designed for both close quarters combat and long range sniper shots, so make sure your special ops skills are on point!

Special Ops: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games – Multiplayer is the perfect game if you love Online Shooter , Multiplayer PVP , Single Player FPS as well as being snipers; this real time action packed multiplayer shooter has all these available right now with new additions that will keep it fast paced at blazing speed. You can choose between teams or individuals competitions where there’s no shortage of opponents to annihilate when playing Special Ops: FPS PvP War-online shootouts.

Do you want to join the elite Special Ops team? Live on the edge as a member of an ops unit and try out these intense, immersive FPS missions with console-like shooting! Go in guns blazing or use stealth tactics for more tactical gameplay. Play different real world weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. You will find multiplayer modes addictive that work together with friends by annihilating your enemy teams.

When you want to be a sniper with your friends in FPS Multiplayer, we have the best weapons for customization. There are 21 types of guns: Glock 18, USP tactical pistol, P228 handgun and more! You can customize these high-quality firearms by adding custom skins that make you unique from other players or choose between Dual 96G Elite Berettas handguns which come out with two barrels at once so they’re perfect for when things get intense during multiplayer battles where every second counts.

You can upgrade your weapons and armor to claim first place at FPS Battleground Arena! For the shooters who love to be Sniper, you can easily become a sniper.

This is a great game, but I would like to see more features in the future. The ads are annoying and some of them seem glitchy because when they pop up it’s hard for me to close out of them. If you could add new updates that fix these issues then this will be an even better app!

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