[Unlimited] Smash Hit MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements2.3 and up
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Unlimited Money

Smash Hit Description

Smash hit is a game which makes the use of physics in its gameplay and provides you a great experience. This game requires a lot of concentration and focus and it is this formula which keeps you engaged in the game. The game has different structures which have to broken by balls. The whole game is a journey, you travel through different three-dimensional structures which are to be broken by YOU!!. The balls provided will follow all the laws of physics and thus you will have to anticipate well on how to throw the balls so that they hit the obstacle and break it. There are glass slabs, glass beams, helical structures and conical structures as well. The game makes full use of physics and you will able to witness a lot of it as you take that journey. The balls when thrown follow a projectile motion just similar to a person throwing them up and the gravity pulling it down.

The game in all its glory is so futuristic and cool that you are absolutely going to love it. The game offers a transcendental and an ambient journey with a soft music playing at the background. The music is soothing and helps you get in the zone of gaming. It is soothing and increases your concentration and focus. The game will also increase your co-ordination and will provide the right stimuli to help your brain co-ordinate with your hand. It’s a game of timing, if your timing goes wrong, you get destroyed but if you get your timing right, you can destroy those beautiful looking glasses that get in your way, your beautiful journey. The whole environment in this game seems so consuming and dramatic that you will feel getting drawn to it all the time. The whole environment contributes to the feel of the game and provides a scenario which you might not have experienced ever. The music is unlike the ones you find in any other game, it synchronises well with the surrounding. Moreover, the sound of the breaking glasses are so oddly satisfying. It provides a perfect balance between destruction and peace While the music and surroundings give you the vibe of peace and harmony, breaking the glasses lies on the other side of the spectrum and give you the vibe of destruction.

The game will not let you get bored as it has 50 different rooms that are waiting to get explored, the graphics of the game is also very unique and it is something I have never experienced in any other game. The game allows you to choose from different graphic styles and there are as many as 11 graphic styles that lie at your disposal and you can change it any time. Every stage of the game has proper glass breaking mechanics which you will fall in love with.

The best thing about the game is that it is ad free, ads in between a game has simply been the most annoying thing for me throughout but this game is just meant to enjoy, no ads, no bullshit. However, you can spend your money on a one time purchase which will bring in a host of features like different modes, cloud saving across different devices, detailed statistics and the ability to continue from checkpoints.

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