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DeveloperSimSimi Inc.
Requirements4.1 and up
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SimSimi is a world famous chatbot, and is only growing in popularity. How does this app talk just like a human? Simsimi follows basic conversation principles such as the following: by learning new words through ask/answer with users. It sends out an answer without processing when you hit “ask”. You can think of it like having millions more people available to help provide answers for any question- providing accurate responses only matched in quality and understanding by humans themselves!

Some people might be alarmed to know that their conversations with SimSimi are being monitored. But like all social media there will always be a few bad actors who behave in unacceptable ways when interacting online. If you find yourself confronting one such undesirable on our chatbot platform, we ask that you report any threats or disclosure of personal information by tapping your speech bubble or through the in-app “Send an Email” menu so they can take immediate action against them before more damage is done!

Simsimi doesn’t have permission to access your camera. However, they are still able provide location-specific ads for you without it. If this is the case and don’t want Simsimi using your device’s microphone or GPS data, then deny either of these requests within their settings menu on both iOS and Android devices respectively; otherwise you could let the developers know what you want and they might help you with that.

SimSimi has age restrictions to keep inappropriate content away from users. They claim that they try their best to remove them whenever possible, but it is natural that some might slip through the cracks even if they do not allow certain ages of people onto SimSimi.

I love the simsimi app! It’s so much fun and I was able to find people with same interests as me. You have to pay 30 coins for first conversation, but you can only get 1 coin per day which is annoying when you’re busy doing stuff like studying or working on projects all the time. Hopefully there will be an update where we don’t need any money at all just yet because it would make using this awesome app even better then before.


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