[Unlimited] Shooting Master : Sniper Shooter Games MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.1 and up
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Unlimited Money

Shooting Master : Sniper Shooter Games Description

Shooting Master Sniper Shooter is the latest addition to shooting games. It is developed by an indie developer and trust me the guy has put it’s heart and soul into this game. It is one of the most interesting sniper games in which you could spend hours upon hours without getting bored. The game has been downloaded over 5 million times from all over the world which automatically adds credibility to the title. This game was also suggested by one of my favorite YouTuber and I simply cannot thank him enough. I really don’t know if he was doing a paid promotion but in my opinion he helped me find this wonderful game.

One thing that you will immediately notice as you start playing is the fact that how easy the controls of the game are. You will get the knack of it in about half an hour. The mechanics of the game is amazing and almost all things follow real life physics. For example, when you are sniping at your targets you will have to take care of the wind velocity of that area. Towards the end you will have some levels where the wind velocity will be higher than average and due to that it gets very tricky to takedownb
your targets. You also will have to take care of the angle with which you are shooting since you will be shooting mostly from the terrace of high buildings. If you don’t take care of it then you will not get the desired projectile motion and hence you will miss your target. There are many more things which you will have to take care of and that changes from one level to the other.

There are many guns in this game but you could use them only when you buy it from the game store. You also have the option to upgrade your weapon if you want. Remember, that upgrades are costly in this game and in my experience it is better to buy a new gun. Whatever it may be it is really up to you. One thing to note is that you can complete the entire game with only the first gun that you have got. The reason why I say it is because I have seen a friend doing this. Therefore it is true that this is not a pay to win game. It is really a breath of fresh air among all the games which are mostly made just to earn the developers some cash.

The game features 3D graphics with stunning visuals which makes the overall experience simply phenomenal. Each element in the game is designed beautifully and it makes you feel that you are watching an action movie. There are also some cut scenes which are inspired from some of the Hollywood’s greatest action movies. The sound effects in this game is also worth noting as it makes your experience so much better. The game is great and have some really good reviews on the PlayStore. I hope the developers of the game keep up with making new levels which are different from the previous levels. Ads in this game are well controlled and you will not get annoyed at any point. If you ever feel that the ads are annoying you then you can simply turn off the internet connection. However, you will not be able to play any online matches with this method.

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