[UNLIMITED] Shadow of Death 2 – Shadow Fighting Game MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBravestars Games
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Money

Shadow of Death 2: Shadow Fighting Game Description

The City of Light is a place where King Luther’s kingdom reigns supreme. The Council of Thunder, which was set up by the king himself and consists solely of those with knowledge in Magic, Medicine, Astrology etc., protects this city from harm while they hold all worldly secrets within their palm. Thanks to these wise individuals who are on the council for protecting it so well; King Luther has created an empire that no other country can compare against when it comes to wealth and prosperity.

No one understands why King Lutheran XV’s sister had to die. The king has not been himself since then, leaving his people in the dark as he spends all of his time and resources trying to bring her back from death. He was able to combine Magic with Medicine and Alchemy together into remedies that could restore life for those who have departed—though it wasn’t without consequence. In an attempt at producing more potent antidotes by combining these three disciplines, a terrible epidemic broke out throughout the kingdom when things went horribly wrong during production process; even worse still is what eventually happened after this lab exploded––the virus spread like wildfire across town while residents scrambled for any means necessary just so they wouldn’t succumb themselves or their family members too…

The world of Shadow Of Death is a dangerous place, with ghouls and other evils lurking in every dark corner. With maps numbering more than dozens, the game offers scores of hours worth playing time for those wanting to explore its vast expanses. The two main modes are Challenger and Adventure; each mode has four difficulty levels ranging from Normal all the way up to Insanely Difficult – providing an ever-changing challenge no matter your skill level! Players will face many monsters on their journey but they also have some help: powerful bosses that lurk just ahead can be defeated by you if you’re skilled enough!

Shadow of Death’s equipment system is surprisingly creative and exciting. There are dozens upon dozens of weapons, armor sets with varying rarity levels, giving the player many different options to create a unique style for themselves. Defeating bosses also provides you the chance at obtaining rare gear that will help make your character even more powerful in combat against other players or monsters alike!

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