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High school is a time of self-discovery, but it can also be an exhausting period where you feel like the world is against you. Fortunately for those who need more control and guidance in their lives, School Days offers us that opportunity on our phones! You get to make your own schedule with favorite classes at appropriate times so there are never any excuses not to turn up when they say “class starts.” When I was playing this game my days felt brighter because all of these new opportunities were available which helped me become well rounded student as opposed to just being someone going through the motions during everyday life.

The long process is the most attractive feature of this game. The graphics are poor, but it’s still worth playing because you get to experience new things every day and its story is really interesting!

“School Days” is a game which provides you with the chance to experience what it’s like being an average high school student, without any of those pesky exams. You’ll get up in the morning and go through your daily routine: brushing teeth, taking shower or jogging – all before class starts!

It is really easy for you to cheat in this game. There are three ways that we know of, and they all have their benefits and downfalls. One way requires a lot of time spent reading books because it’s not always true; the second one will cost money but can be done with no problem whatsoever; lastly, there is an option where if you google the answer while playing then everything becomes much simpler since cheating has never been easier!

What we love most about this game is how many options available on how to succeed at each level: whether by luck or your own wits!

As well as explore a city full of things and people to interact with for opportunities both fun-filled (like playing catch) or less so (“a classmate was crying”). At certain times during gameplay there will be contests held at hallways where students have to answer questions about subjects such social studies; mathematics; physical education etc., in order determine who got ahead of their opponents.

When you’re in a tough spot and your parents are not around to bail you out, it’s easy to understand that life can be hard for anyone. This is why we love the game School Days so much! You get this opportunity where anything goes – from deciding what classes you want or who will go on dates with whom.

This game is amazing and I love it! My one complaint would be that you can lose control sometimes, which really sucks. One thing on my wishlist for the future of this awesome app – an online mode where users could interact with friends instead of just playing against random players from around the world. Other than those few complaints though, this game is really amazing and totally worth downloading if you’re into games like these!

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