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Romance Fate MOD APK 2.7.5 Description

Romance Fate: Stories and Choices is a game where you are stuck between love interests. Many men are interested in you. Dilemmas are common in this game and the choices you make will change the course of the story in this game. You might have heard something like this before but trust me the twists and turns in this game are like no other. This game is targeted mainly towards the female audience who are interested in love stories. However, if you are from the opposite gender nothing stops you from playing this game. It is just that the game is tailored more towards the female audience. It is a breath of fresh air to see games specifically targeted at women.

Romance is a very complicated subject and especially if you look attractive. Men are visual creatures and they often tend to fall for the most attractive of women. You will have a thrilling experience as you go on to explore the intricacies of your love life. It is extremely difficult to reject multiple people and you will also feel the pain since you are an empath in this game. Women go through the same feelings as the characters in this game. It is extremely close to real life and this is why I simply love this game.

As you start the game you will get stuck in a pretty weird situation. The story begins like this. You go to a VIP club the day before your first day of internship at a big company. One handsome-looking guy gets interested in you. You flirt with him and get fall for him even more. While talking to him you lose control of him and get intimate with him. After that day when you join your internship, you find that the stranger you met last night was actually the CEO of that company. You get nervous and you start trying to avoid your boss. Many of the levels circle around this incident. You may try to avoid your boss initially, but the game is designed in such a way that you will have to face him. He will recognize you and there will be many interesting conversations with him. Luring you to be his girlfriend will be his primary motive but since you are the player you can completely ignore his offerings. However, please think before making any decision since it may lead you to your termination from the internship.

Apart from your love/hate relationship with your CEO, you will also get stuck in a love triangle. You will be in a love triangle with a cop and a mafia. The most interesting part is that the cop and the mafia are brothers and both of them are madly in love with you. Not only do they want to defeat each other in the real world but also in their love life. The levels circling this incident is the most interesting in this game and I would urge everyone who downloads this game is to play these levels.

The concept is great, but you’ll need to find another means to earn diamonds. The tickets are readily generated. You need a lot of diamonds to make a decent judgment. I’ve put a couple of stories on pause until I get enough diamonds to keep going. For some alternatives, you might want to lower the diamonds. At the very least, they can give a more fascinating alternative to diamonds. Unless you buy a pack, you won’t be able to finish a story the way you wish. That’s a tragedy. Overall it is a great game and you should try it once if you are interested in love stories.

Romance Fate Mod APK Updates

With their latest update, the Romance Fate’s dev team has added many new interesting characters and storylines in the game.

New Characters

There is a new attractive male character in the game. He goes by the pseudonym Becky and is the Project Manager. The interesting aspect of this guy is that he is very much interested in fine arts. He regularly visits the fine arts museum in the city. If you feel that he is really attractive then you should try meeting him at the local museum. Although he is a bit shy, he usually opens up when it comes to arts. You could then lure him for a date and see if he is a good fit for you. All of this depends upon your decisions and as you know this game can take some really crazy turns with your decisions. Things can go crazy if you can date him at least once.

The other interesting character is your gym trainer. As you would expect he is tall, dark with a well-built physique. He is extremely good looking and there are quite a few girls chasing him. If you want to make your move then you need to show him your dedication towards maintaining your body. The fitness industry is what he loves the most and you need to show him that you are also interested in it. However, don’t miss the chance if he ever hits on you because he never does it again if he gets any rejection. You need to know your limits however because too much enthusiasm can often ruin the game.

New Places for Dating

If you ever felt that there are very few places ideal for dating, then you need to change your mind because now quite a few places have been added. It includes the Dazzling Coffee shop, the Maravillosa Bar, and the new public library. Yeah, I know the library is not an ideal place for dating but if you are with an intellectual partner then this is the way to go.

The team has done a phenomenal job at maintaining the game and I hope they keep doing so. We have also updated our mod apk and you can check it out.

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