[UNLIMITED] Project Makeover MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBubblegum Games
Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Money

Project Makeover Description

You’ve always dreamed of designing costumes and hair for a special occasion. Now you have the chance to do it in virtual reality! With Project Makeover game, users can pick from different roles like hairstylist or costume designer while they put together outfits that celebs will wear on TV shows or live concerts. What an exciting opportunity–you’ll be able to participate as if you were there with them!

What are the three most important characteristics of a beautiful woman? Great hair, great makeup and glamorous clothes. Who is to blame for this look though? The stylist! Stylists have many responsibilities including designing clothing (shoes), face painting and even drawing in eyebrows if necessary. So what exactly does it take to be one with such responsibility? It takes ambition, talent, skillful hands that can design dresses from scratch or by modifying an existing dress-and prom gowns don’t come easy either – you must answer questions about colors before being able to complete your masterpiece
It also requires creativity as well as knowledge on fashion trends so they know which style will suit their client best whether she likes florals or polka dots at certain times. There will be many such questions and you will have to answer them to progress through the game.

You can create your own version of famous models, characters and movie stars with the help from this application. You are allowed to freely explore different clothing styles that suit you best. There are many diverse and rich fashion clothes for men such as classic or modern, depending on what suits you most. If some singers do not know how to wear makeup or which dress is suitable for them then they should come here because we have all their needs covered! Some customers may be tricky but no matter who it is if they’re unhappy about something they will always find a way out to reject your offerings. You need to be creative in your designs and ideas to get their acceptance.

The developers of this game indeed had put on a great deal of effort in the graphics of the game. This is a fashion game, so they put in extra time and effort on making sure that all graphics were perfect. The game has sharp 3D images with bright colors to make it feel like you are really playing at an actual fashion studio! You can see how beautiful the characters become after visiting your studio- their “duck becoming swan” transformation will have players hooked from day one!

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