[Unlimited] Prey Day Survival MOD 15.3.05 (immortality)

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DeveloperPragmatix Ltd
Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Description

Ever thought of a world where zombies are all around you and your only aim is survival? A zombie apocalypse that has started making you question your survival. Prey Day is exactly meant for that, the plot of the game is set in 2033 where a deadly virus infection takes over the world, it is so virulent and infectious that the majority of the people have already fallen prey to it, a lot of them have died due to it, and not just that the more scary part of it happens to be the people who have turned zombies or mutated due to the infection. There are very less people who have survived, just a handful and among the empty streets, the survivors are building their hordes stronger and stronger to survive the attacks of zombies.

You are one of those survivors and it is your aim to venture outside and find out the reason behind the spread of the deadly virus that has left the world in a mere state of survival. As a survivor, a lot of things are related to your destiny, the post-apocalyptic world has left you without food and shelter, you will be facing a severe crunch where getting food and shelter is going to become a challenge, look for other’s shelters and craft your own shelter in the dark days with whatever resources you get in your hand, you will have to discover as to what triggered the apocalypse by completing the quests, take yourself to the extreme ends, darkest corners of the city because doing so will help you in collecting good resources which in turn will help you to make good armors and weapons for yourselves. Build vehicles to explore the farthest ends of the city and some secret areas.

Prey Day is an open-world game and hence there are no rules, you are free to do whatever you want to, confront the survivors, who are greedy and hungry for the loot you carry, make a team, and gather in the harbor town to combat the deadliest zombies, fight with them and destroy them with the resources you have in your hand.

Get your friends along with you and discover the parts of the city where zombies are full in power and quite deadly as well. The setup of the game is such that the survivors of this post-apocalyptic world are only the players, you can either join them in a group and conquer the parts of the city held by zombies, or you can loot them to make your own game stronger because there are no rules!!! You also have the option of communicating with the other players.

Prey Day also introduces you to the concept of clans. You can unite with other people in a powerful clan, these clans give you access to clan locations where you will discover rare items and unlock new crafts that will make you even more strong and powerful. Together with your clan you can take over abandoned military bases, set them up, and start the action on the streets. Prey Day is one of the most adventurous, challenging, and deadly zombie games where the aim is survival, it doesn’t matter how you survive, you just need to survive. You can attack, defend, run, team up or do anything that suits your motive, the end goal is survival!!!

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