[Unlimited] Pirate Evolution! MOD 0.23.0 (Unlimited Gold)

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DeveloperCodex7 Games
Requirements5.0 and up
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Unlimited Gold

Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea Description

Pirate Code PVP Battles at Sea is a game which gives you the thrill of wars at the sea. It has all the components of a battle that makes you feel as if you are really into one. There are not many games in this niche and almost all of them are very badly implemented. There is a reason why this game has that Editor’s choice badge on PlayStore. It certainly lives up to its expectations and will surely give you a heck of a ride.

First off, this game is set in the golden period of marine table. So instead of high-tech ships you will have brave men lead by some of the most formidable captains that ever existed on Earth. Speaking of captains you have Vasco De Gama who can attack other ships with its gigantic fireball, Billy’s energy waves that could toss the enemies’ ships like never before, Hattori has an invisibility shield that is a great tool for defense purposes, while Catalina can freeze her enemies to death by her frost arrows. Captains are the most important aspect of your team and you need to choose them wisely especially in online battles. It will be better if you are able to gauge the capabilities of your opponents.

Which battleship you choose is also crucial to winning. Battleship could make or break any war. Be sure to upgrade them as you go on gathering the loot as you defeat your enemies. They are also an important aspect when it comes to deciding how will you plan for your next battle. There are as many as 12 battleships lined up for you to choose from. Options include the Dragon boat that has proven its worth in many of the battles, Obsidian which will be a nightmare for many of your opponents, and The legendary Flying Dutchman that will make sure you will not lose any battle due to the ship. There are many other great ships in this game that could be a great fit for any of the battles.

While ships are a crucial part of your strategy don’t forget the weapons that are the backbone of any battleship. If you don’t have proper weapons installed on your ship then it is as useful as the one without it. Basic level weapons are already fitted in almost all of the ships however do keep in mind to upgrade them before you pound over any PVP battles online. You could do a 5 vs 5 battle in this game where your teammates could either be random or your friends and family. These online battles are the crux of this game and without it the game is lifeless. Yeah, you could do some career mode gameplay but it gets completed pretty soon in my opinion. You need to play online games to experience the game at its fullest. As you play these online battles you will win gold along with some unique weapons that will give you an edge in the future battles. You will have to use the gold wisely as you will have to do many things with it like upgrading weapons, maintenance of the ship, and to feed your entire crew. It is tough to manage all of it but with practice you can do it better.

The ads in the game are not too much and is signs of a quality product. You could argue that it should not give rewards only after watching ads but they also need the money to maintain its entire team. There are also in-app purchases and is great for someone who wants to spend some extra cash in order to make the progress faster. The graphics of the game is cartoon like but it is worth it since it makes the game really enjoyable.

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