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Offroad Outlaws introduces you to the world of adventure, where you can go off-road and enjoy the bumpy tracks that are full of ups and downs. Off-roading has not been everyone’s cup of tea therefore you will have to practice it more and more to become an expert. Off-roading is a really complex subject, from braking to alternating the throttle inputs – everything is quite different when compared to a normal tarmac road.

Proper throttle inputs are very important in this game and it’s more of the experiential knowledge that matters here. If you are new to this you will find it a bit annoying at times but as you learn about the technicalities, you will understand how things work. The vehicle you choose also plays a really important role here, every vehicle is different when it comes to their off-road capabilities, every vehicle performs differently and the sensitivity of the throttle is different as well.

The approach angle plays quite a considerable role here and a low approach angle can create difficulties for the driver, smaller wheelbase is preferred in off-road cars mainly due to the fact that the smaller the wheelbase, the higher will be the break-over angle and lesser the chances of scraping the underbelly. Small details do matter a lot and combining all these small bits makes up for a superior off-roading experience, the effect is very cumulative in nature, and therefore improving the smallest of things is imperative.

The game has good graphics and it provides a pretty wholesome experience to the one playing it. The best thing about the game is that it is not a very heavy game making it less resource-intensive. Offroad Outlaws is a feature-rich game and you can enjoy all the features without spending a lot of money. The best thing about the game is that you don’t get too many ads popping on your face and annoying you.

The game offers a lot of different vehicles that you can use to explore different terrains – from the hills to the deserts, you get to experience all, it is so enjoyable that you might get addicted to it. Offroad Outlaws also allows a great amount of customization and unlike other games, the customizations are not focused on aesthetics, rather they are more mechanical customizations on offer.

You can stiffen the chassis according to your choice, you can alter the damping, change, or upgrade suspensions or you can also install the conventional leaf springs. You can also change the differentials so that you can channel the power according to your need, you can use any technology like brake vectoring or torque vectoring to channel the different amounts of power in different wheels.

There are so many challenges waiting for you, you can enjoy different modes like capture the flag or play with your friends. This also has a multiplayer mode where you can play on the open-world map and enjoy with your friends. Race up to the mountains, the rock trails, or go through the rivers. The new version of the game has new trucks. Additionally, you also get the option to change exhausts so that you can increase your performance and win against your competitors.

I love the game. I’ve been playing it since it came out and every update is getting better and better. I want the audio on cars to change, but this is by far my favorite mobile game. The nicest thing would be for everyone to play.

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