[UNLIMITED] Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room Puzzle & action game MOD 1.9.8 (No Ads)

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DeveloperKeplerians Horror Games
Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room ☠ Puzzle & action game Description

The story of Mr. Meatgame starts with a zombie plague that has started ravaging the city. Your neighbor, the butcher, is a hungry zombie that wants nothing more than blood and fresh meat for his insatiable appetite. This crazed killer has kidnapped an innocent girl who was unfortunate enough to be in close proximity when he escaped from prison where he had been locked up after being caught by authorities during one of his many bloody rampages through town over the past two decades- killing everyone within sight until they finally got him put away behind bars (or so we thought). He quickly made himself at home again as soon as freedom came knocking on his door; returning back into society with revengeful abandon once again seeking out new victims just about anywhere you could.

The walking dead can hear your moves, use that against them and hide from the undead. If their eyes catch you they’ll try to kill you! You need to solve puzzles for a chance at rescuing the girl alive who remains captive inside of an eerie house occupied by a serial killer. However you can use guns or be like th e zombie catcher – don’t let any get away without being gunned down first with excellent sounds and graphics during your jail break into this mysterious abandoned place where all is not as it seems!

I got to admit this when I first saw Fat Mr. Meat stomping around my screen waving his arms about and shouting unintelligible gibberish at me, I was terrified! He’s so big that he practically blocked out the other characters on-screen with just a few steps – no wonder they call him “Fat”! But now? Now little ole’ me can do anything in front of him without any hesitation. And thanks for The 30 Seconds Ads too because without them reloading would have been really tough since there are only three bullets in each gun before you need some more ammo. This might be listed in the horror genre but trust me it is funny as well.

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