[Unlimited] Moe! Ninja Girls MOD (Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperNTT Solmare Corp.
Requirements4.4 and up
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Moe! Ninja Girls/Sexy Happenings at Shinobi School Video


MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money coming soon!

Moe! Ninja Girls/Sexy Happenings at Shinobi School Description

Moe! Ninja Girls is the game for you if you are interested in girls and want to have fun with them. This game is targeted mainly to the male audience and it serves its purpose. The game has a touch of Japanese anime, and if you love them then you will feel like as if you are in the anime world. The game is designed to have a simple gameplay with an amazing storyline.

The storyline goes like this. You are an elite ninja who is on a secret mission to train the cute girls in a school. The character also joins the school in order to relax a bit from the hunter gatherer lifestyle of a ninja. You also get to learn about different subjects like Science, Math, History and Geography which kind of gives you a break from the hectic trainings that a ninja goes through.

After some days have passed in the school, a girl from your class will form a club for training other girls. You join in the club as you are an expert and help the girls get those ninja skills while also flirting and having loads of fun with them. You need to bring out the true potential from every member in the club. Each member of the club has a unique innate ability – you need to bring it out. If you can’t do that then your mission will fail. Apart from the unique abilities each girl is different and takes your training lessons differently. You need to tailor each part of your lesson such that everybody learns quickly. Some of the girls will be slow in learning but they have a good memory and they don’t forget a skill once they learn it. On the other hand some of them will be fast learners but have a terrible memory and they forget things quite easily so keep that in mind.

Apart from that this game is ideal for those who are naturally shy when it comes to talking to girls. For the majority part of the game you will be interacting with them and so you will get to know how majority of the girls think. There are many things things that you could learn from the girls as you are talking to them. You could learn what do girls want in their love partners and adjust according to their needs in the real life. In this game you could also be in affair with multiple girls at once. There is no scope of breakup even if you get caught since it is a game. The girls here are extremely kind and submissive as it is mainly targeted towards young male audience. You will have a great time with all the girls in here and you will never feel that you are single.

The ending of the game will be different for each player and will depend on the decisions they take. The game adds the element of interactive stories and it enhances the experience of the game 100x. You could also explore many hidden mini quests in the game if you make some particular choices in the game. Those mini quests also helps you to know more about the background story of the girls and from there you get a hang on why they have such a personality. Not all personality types are compatible with each other and hence you may not like every other girl in the game.

You will also have a ton of costumes for all the girl characters. Each of the character will have a different body type and hence not all costumes will look good on them. You could even buy new costumes with in app purchases or watching an ad. You can view ads for many other power ups in the game. Moe Ninja Girls is really a great game for anybody who wants to have fun with girls.

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