[Unlimited] Merge Magic! MOD 4.6.0 (Unlimited Coins/Stones/Resources)

Meta Information of the App

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DeveloperGram Games Limited
Requirements4.4 and up
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Stones
  • Unlimited Resources

Merge Magic! Description

The puzzle genre in games is quite famous and while it might not be everyone’s favorite but honestly it is the only genre that can involve anyone up to a great extent. A lot of people don’t like to solve puzzles because it requires you to think and thinking can be a tiring task for some. However, people who love solving puzzles not only develop their critical thinking but also become really good at solving problems. Merge Magic is a game that will surely appease puzzle game lovers.

This game comes from the developers of the famous Merge Dragons and therefore you can expect it to be a lot more logic-provoking and engaging game. The game has a very simple gameplay and the interface is quite attended as well. The game challenges you on a lot of levels and you need to use your brain to solve these challenges and move ahead. The whole game is adventurous and the journey is full of moments that will either challenge you or will let you have a lot of fun.

The storyline of this game is great and the graphics are stunning, the theme of the game is really stunning though. Throughout the game, you will experience a lot of joyful scenarios and it is surely not something that is going to disappoint you. Merge Magic is a bit different from the traditional puzzle solving, it still uses the match-3 mechanism, however, you will not be connecting squares, circles, or any other geometrical shapes in this game, the developers have tried to make it different from the traditional puzzle games and in this game you will be combining animals, eggs and a lot of other elements present in the game. The plot of the game is not set on a grid board rather you will be playing this on a map plot system. Merge Magic has a lot of things that are worth exploring and discovering as you move along in this journey.

The player will have different campaigns, each of them will have a lot of quests that will require you to solve puzzles, and only then will you be able to move to the next one. In order to move to the next chapter, you will have to solve all the puzzles of the previous quest and you should do it in a way that helps you score the maximum number of stars. All the lands that you will get to explore will be cursed and you will have to combine different things to solve the puzzles and make the land free from any sort of curse.

You are the protagonist of this story and only you have the ability to do extraordinary things that can help remove the curse from these beautiful lands. Since the game uses the match-3 mechanism, things get a lit more interesting, for example, you can combine 3 eggs, this will lead to the creation of a magical creature that will be strong and powerful, similarly, you can combine animals and make hybrid versions of them. Butterphant is the hybrid version of butterfly and elephant, similarly, peace is the hybrid version of peacock and cat. All these small elements and features make the game really interesting whilst still being challenging enough.

I’ve been playing this game for well over a year at this point. I appreciate that it is a game that may be played indefinitely without the need to pay gems. This is a fun game in which you must utilize your intellect in order to get more points and other rewards. The main drawback is the large number of sealed boxes that can only be opened with gems, which must be purchased with real money.

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