[UNLIMITED] LIT killah: The Game MOD (Unlimited Currency)

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DeveloperGame Ever Studio
Requirements5.0 and up
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The music universe takes over the game LIT Killah: The Game, where it’s difficult not to keep up with the beat, which is infectious at every turn. This is a game long awaited by trap fans, as this genre absolutely dominates the production of this adventure, which puts the reflexes to the test. In this scenario, you take on the role of the artist, which means that each note must be released precisely on time. This custom touch allows each player to experience a little of the glory, as well as the lifestyle, associated with it, simply by downloading it.


The flow of the game LIT Killah: The Game is a draw to download and enjoy, as well as to share with your friends. A part of this journey through the world of the trap is to go singing via a custom avatar. If you solve an obstacle in the proper manner, others will become accessible. This is the magic of this game, where the primary adversary is you, as you must attempt to improve your abilities in order to gain others, in addition to having the ability to create new levels.


All of these new levels are set to the rhythm of LIT Killah’s songs, showcasing your musical talent to the world, and what this game simplifies is the fact that testing your creative ability was just what any music lover wanted.



The entertainment value of LIT Killah: The Game is assured, as the vision of the game is created as an individual vision of that player, who faces at least 50 levels, implying that there will be content for a while. Having fun is an integral part of the game’s mechanics, where the emphasis is on the abilities you demonstrate in order to be accepted as a worthy representative of the pit, and where everything becomes more ambitious as the security levels increase, reaching or including up to 12 modes.


Via LIT Killah: The Game, you become a true trap singer, complete with all your clothes and accessories; these are won by better ones that appear; everything is synchronised with the song playing before you have the option to fully customise your avatar. The collectible items are more enjoyable, made possible by the rhythm of “Bufón”, “Eclipse”, and other hits by the Argentinean artist LIT Killah. The best songs are included in the game, allowing you to enjoy the music genre without difficulty.


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