[Unlimited] Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft MOD 10.4 (Unlimited Diamonds/Gold)

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DeveloperGameSpire Ltd.
Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Diamonds/Gold

Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft Description

Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaur & Craft is the newest survival craft game! You will live on a dinosaur infested island as you explore and hunt for supplies. Do not let these fantastic animals harm you, because they are both playful and very dangerous! Make sure to check your surroundings often so that when danger strikes, it does not catch you by surprise…
The goal of this amazing adventure through three different islands in the ocean is simple- survive at all costs. Your base goals may seem easy enough but with things like crafting weapons or finding food around every corner (not to mention building shelter), surviving can be quite difficult – especially without any hints from the game telling where everything could possibly be hiding out there waiting for us unsuspecting victims.

In the depths of these lush forests, one can find dragons. These are not your typical fire-breathing beasts in a fantasy novel though; they’re dinosaurs! The trees here span as far as the eye can see and it doesn’t take long to get lost deep within their branches. There’s so much ground to cover that you might need help on occasion from someone else who knows this land better than you do–especially if you want an opportunity at taming some of them for yourself!

These fierce creatures roam through these woods with reckless abandon which means there is always something new just around each corner waiting for us hunters (and hunted) alike. As dauntingly beautiful as our surroundings may be however, we must remain alert because danger might come from anywhere.

You can hunt for dinosaurs and collect bonuses in this epic game! Your dragon is a real hunter, it can run around the whole island hunting down prey. Use your gold wisely to upgrade your hero with weapons like fireballs or armor that protects against poison gas attacks. In every quest you get more money which enables you to buy any resource or object from shops on the map including upgrading tools such as axes and hammers so they chop through trees faster! Be careful though because not all quests are safe – some may be too dangerous without enough protection but there’s always something else waiting ahead of time just out of reach until you build up enough strength first!

In this dinosaur world, you will love to collect eggs as a hobby. The only problem is that it’s difficult to find them in their natural settings! Luckily you can still get your hands on one if you know where and how. There are two ways of getting an egg: either by collecting from dead dinosaurs or while opening golden or crystal eggs at special hotspots throughout Isla Nublar. You’ll need dino DNA for those though, so make sure not to miss out on any opportunities when they arise! The game is really fun and you will enjoy it thoroughly.

There are not many games in PlayStore where you could play with dinosaurs. The developers of game have really thought upon each and every aspect of the game and I personally think they have studied a lot before making this game because not only the game is enjoyable it is also scientifically valid in many areas. If a team of scientists would have created the game then they would have followed the principles of this game.

The graphics are great, the game play is addicting and overall it’s a fantastic game. I only have one problem with this is the fact that some of the button menus don’t work at times though, while I also supspect that my screen protector is causing the issue. One other con that I want to mention is the fact that you will have to watch very long advertisements if you want to progress faster in the game. I don’t know why the developers of this game decided to do this but yeah it is a very bad decision in my opinion.

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