[UNLIMITED] Jumputi Heroes MOD (Unlocked)

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DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Requirements4.2 and up
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The Special Feature Festival is in full swing, as is the promised Neverland Chapter!


JUMP, a hot-blooded mobile game featuring well-known and super-popular anime characters in Japan, is now available!

The bubble elimination combat system’s simplicity of action, single-player or team up with friends to beat the enemy!

As long as you successfully complete the novice teaching, you can earn “10 Gacha Coupons with 5 Stars of Your Choice”!


Three distinguishing features of “JUMPUTI HEROES Hero Bubbles”:


1) Employ strategy and gorgeous and handsome nirvana to overcome the adversary!

Simply click and operate, and you can amass a large number of kill bubbles!

Everyone is familiar and dominant, and the game faithfully recreates the classic profound sense!


2) Friendship x diligence equals victory! Conjure up legendary heroes!

When the values of “friendship,” “effort,” and “victory” coalesce, JUMP’s legendary heroes will come to the rescue, using super special moves to turn the tide of war!


3) Engage in online fights with your mates!

Up to four people will fight alongside one another and collaborate to overcome their enemies!

Even if you face a formidable adversary, as long as you connect with your allies, there will be no obstacles you cannot overcome!

Act quickly and embark on a new adventure with your LINE mates!


The following is a list of the “Weekly Shonen Jump” works that are included in the game. They are listed in the order in which they were serialised.

Doberman Pinscher Interpol Police Station in Oolong

Cobra with a hot fist

Combating the Golden Flesh

Dr. SLUMP and the humanoid robot

Winglet, Captain (formerly known as Captain Tsubasa)

Eye of the cat

Change colleges from male to female! Unusual face party

Superman’s North Star Fist

A silver toothed shooting star

Dragon Ball City assassin

Kui is inexplicably perplexed!! Men’s college

Sacred Seiya


Ada Xiu Te Shan Xiu

Steel Fist vs. Iron Fist

Elf with magical abilities

The Great Adventure of the Day

Flower, the film actress Ranger Keiji Beidou

Jin’s Adventures, Taro, and Happily Ever After

Hakusho Yu Yu

Coming from the devil

Monkey that has been muffled

The End of the Drama Club

Unusual mask

Exuberant Ultraman Taibao Shinobu

Eyebrow of a Spiritual Teacher

The Legend of Swordsmen in Meiji Swordsman’s Romance

Supernatural Lightning Horse E contact

The Sexiest Rangers The Gaiden So incredible! WILD HALF OF ASHENG

Fengshen Kingdom is a video game. Flowering angel master

I”s Biography of End-of-the-Century Leaders! ONE PIECE

Meiryo Otong Sejuro Emperor

Inexperienced Story scout

Tennis gossip Count

Naruto Naruto

Cat noir

True Fist Hair on the Nose

Long-hitting wild ball king grim Reaper strawberries are 100 percent pure.

The speed of light Man in a Mask

Death journal

Gintama Gintama


Exorcist child

The Mystic Law Firm

Majin Investigator Brutus

For the sake of devotion

SKET DANCE Academy’s Search and Rescue Team

Master hunter of Monster Food Bakuman TORIKO.

Basketball player in disguise

The devil Father

President of the most powerful student council

False affection

Boy with a volleyball!!

The assassination of Qimu Kusuo in the classroom ignites the Halberd Spirit Realm. Sumo Maru

My academic hero

Clover, black

Ms. Yuna, Demon Slayer of Yoshizhuang

Neverland, as expected…

Additionally, additional works will be added in the future!



Perspective on the World

This is a world in which all JUMP characters coexist happily on the island of JUMP.

One day, under the influence of the “Devil’s Power,” which resurfaces every 50 years, the characters’ evil hearts started to awaken…!

To destroy the evil heart and restore the characters to their original appearance, they must travel to different islands, locate and defeat the demon king!

The great adventure of defending and reestablishing peace on JUMP Island has begun!


*According to the game software classification management system, this software is classified as a security level and is intended for use by individuals over the age of six.


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