[UNLIMITED] Internet Cafe Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperCheesecake Dev
Requirements4.1 and up
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Certainly, many gamers dream to own an internet cafe. However, not everybody has the financial resources to open such a cyber, which is incredibly difficult to do. There are far too many variables that will influence your performance, so this will not be easy. Therefore, why not come to the game and see it for yourself? Internet Cafe Simulator is the game that will fulfil many gamers’ dreams of owning a complete cyber for business. Players will discover a wealth of greatness and credibility in the specifics of a computer room when they reach this game.



This time, the player will assume the identity of an owner of a cyber in the area. However, as technology advanced and people’s lives became more complicated, less and less people turned to cyberspace. As a result, this company is highly risky, but not impossible. However, it will also entail a high degree of risk and can bankrupt you from the outset. Is your company going to be as prosperous as you wish? Or is it that everything you’ve worked so hard to create vanishes at the start? The answer will be determined by you, not by someone else; your choices will determine everything.



This game is similar to a role-playing game but incorporates a simulation aspect, which produces an unusual sensation. These small details have contributed to the game’s success. In this game, players must complete a variety of tasks in order to develop their internet cafe model. Starts when the player chooses between two modes, Startup or S-Startup, each with its own set of characteristics. If the player decides to begin the game, the person who will begin the game with assistance from the game will produce it for ten thousand dollars. However, if the player prefers S-Startup, the player will be able to obtain an additional $10,000 in bank financing to grow the Internet Cafe. This is more convenient at the start of the game, but the player must repay the bank on a periodic basis, which will take time to repay. And if the player fails to pay, the bank will close the player’s Internet Cafe.


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