[UNLIMITED] Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements5.0 and up
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When you become disoriented on a deserted island, the most fun thing is to come across a passing ferry. It is your only and only chance of reuniting with your family and the human world. However, what if the boat that landed on the island was in need of a search? The reunion is likely to be one of the most trying experiences a person can have in life. What would you do if you find yourself in this situation? Please make every effort to save everyone’s life. Idle Arks: Construct at Sea simulates the conditions that exist when you are forced to float on a boat and attempt to survive at sea.


Often in survival games like this, the player is abandoned on a deserted island. They will have to do everything possible to leverage the island’s wealth and survive. Idle Arks: Create at Sea, on the other hand, does not take players to any of the islands. The survivors must navigate using their small rafts. Numerous challenges and problems that must be overcome in a potentially hopeless situation can draw players. How many resources are available for exploitation? How do you survive the sea’s calamities? How to construct a house? These types of questions will recur throughout the game, providing players with a unique viewpoint on the genre in general and this specific title in particular.

If you’re familiar with the storey of Noah’s Ark, Idle Arks: Construct at Sea recreates a nearly identical scenario. The worst flood in recorded history ravaged the earth, making all living creatures extinct. In such a dire situation, finding a wooden raft and surviving the tragedy is a miracle. However, everything around you has been consumed, leaving you as the lone survivor. Floating on vast water with no way to stop (because almost 99 percent of the Earth’s surface is currently submerged in water), players must find a way to preserve their lives, save others, and create a sturdy raft. Surprising occurrences will continue to occur, giving you new and fascinating findings.


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