[UNLIMITED] Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD 2.3.10 (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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MOD Features

Unlimited Money

Idle Arks: Build at Sea Description

Idle Arks: Build at Sea is a survival game that explores the aftermath of natural disasters. The player must rebuild their city and explore unknown civilizations while dealing with all sorts of challenges, ranging from tsunamis to pirates!

In Idle ARKS: Build at Sea, players are tasked with rebuilding cities after an apocalyptic event has left them in ruins – but this isn’t your typical post-apocalyptic world as it also includes mysteries around every corner such as ancient monuments or warlords hunting for slaves. It’s up to you to save survivors by stacking crates together into rafts on the sea while journeying through uncharted territory brimming over with new adventures waiting ripe for exploration.

The world is completely underwater and the only way to survive this apocalyptic event, in which we all know will happen at some point, is by moving inland. But how are you going to move when everything’s flooded? You have one option – build your own ark! When drifting through the endless sea with a small crew of survivors on board their very own Ark vessel people will find it difficult enough just staying afloat as they collect wood or floating bottles but once they start exploring unknown areas things get really tough because there’s no guarantee that every little adventure won’t lead them into danger like pirates lurking about looking for easy prey.

One of my favorite games out there and I love the hours of entertainment it provides me. As much as I enjoy this game, if you are like me then your biggest complaint is that sometimes they force you to watch ads or spend money on a currency called wood in order for them to give more power-ups which can be frustrating when all we want to do is play! However despite these setbacks, this game still has plenty going for it.

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