[UNLIMITED] Homo Evolution MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.1 and up
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Download Mod Apk of Homo Evolution: Human Origins (Unlimited Money). In Homo Evolution, you will build your own little universe and help humanity evolve faster.


It is an idle game from Azur Interactive Games, the “father” of many popular games such as Modern Strike Online, Infinity Ops, and Pixel’s Battle Royale… Homo Evolution is a game that simulates the formation of the earth, as well as the creation, evolution, and development of humans and other creatures on this planet.


In the game, players have the power to build their own universe and shape humanity’s evolution in their own special way, almost like a God. Players are drawn in by the humorous, eye-catching visuals depicting people’s progression through levels.


Your task as an idle idle clicker is to merely tap and touch the screen in order to combine two entities into a different, more modern life type. Fill the world with a diverse range of creatures, from common animals to organisms with a high level of diversity and unpredictability.


You can learn valuable information about the origins and origin of humanity, as well as the forms and processes by which modern humans are developed, in addition to having fun playing games.


Features of the Game

From the foetus to the modern organism, animal evolution begins!

The Road to the First People: From the Ancient World to the First Citizens!

Sectacle: A creative Bohemia of poets and wild partygoers!

Break: Civilization with a change from normal to genetically engineered foods!


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