[UNLIMITED] Hempire – Plant Growing Game MOD (Unlimited Diamond/Bucks/Keys/Karma)

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DeveloperLBC Studios Inc.
Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Diamond/Bucks/Keys/Karma

Hempire – Plant Growing Game Description

Weed is a very lucrative business and there are many ways to make it grow. Your first step in Hempire, the app that’s all about weed growing through trade, should be planting some of your own crops. There are three types you can cultivate: Indica for those who need an evening high or something calming during morning hours; Sativa for people looking for increased energy levels as well as creativity enhancement; or Ruderalia which helps with sleeping disorders but lowers productivity overall since it doesn’t stimulate like other strains do.

As a new weed dealer, you may think that the best strategy is to sell as much cannabis product as possible. However, there are many ways for any smart person looking to make money in this trade. You could start by selling other drugs on top of your pot – it’ll attract customers from all over! If they don’t want their smoke session interrupted and end up with some nasty residual breath or clothes after rolling around in straight-up bud leaves then try crushing those buds into something like cookie dough and marketing them at grocery stores under labels such as “processed biscuits” so instead of getting high off THC content people can just eat cannabinoid receptors right out of the biscuit case… I’m hungry now too!!!

You’ll also want to research new varieties from within these categories–allowing you more options when trying to find appropriate matches depending on both individual needs and what grows best locally (i.e., climate).

In this game, too, there are people who want to take a pie of your business empire. They will try anything possible if it means they can make some bank off their greedy desires. If you don’t keep them in check and beat them at their own game when necessary then you may soon be out of business for good!

You can set up a laboratory in your basement and make weed strains that meet every pot smoker’s needs, from basic to exotic ones. Hempire has tons of ways to customize different weeds so they will let you research new weed varieties, like Shunk 1s or Sativas or Indicas – even Hindu Kush! The different combinations will produce different products; they’re all great but very unique depending on quality, harvest time and number agricultural yield per crop if properly grown under ideal conditions.

I never liked games that provide you with a large reward and then force you to play the game immediately. That being said, this is one of my favorite new releases! It’s great for people who don’t have much time or just want something they can do passively every now and then, but there are also plenty of opportunities to complete the game quickly if you choose to play it actively.


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