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Google Street View is a technology that provides interactive panoramas from positions along many streets in the world. It was launched in 2007 and has since expanded to include cities and rural areas worldwide. Streets with Google Street view imagery available are shown as blue lines on Google Maps, an app for viewing street views created by google maps company which offers 360 degree images of any place you can think off or know about, it’s like having your own tour guide!

Google Maps has been around for a while now, with the introduction of Street View. Originally it used Adobe Flash to power this feature but that changed in 2013 when they overhauled Google Maps and switched over to JavaScript extensively – even providing an API for developers! The newer version was much slower than the old one at launch, which lead many people switching back because their own experience suffered too much as well.

Google’s Pegman is a helpful graphic that provides an interactive interface for users of their Maps and Street View services. The name comes from its resemblance to the clothespeg, but when not in use it sits atop Google Maps’ zoom controls. When viewing older views or locations such as Area 51 near Las Vegas, he becomes Doc Brown from Back to the Future!

The most interesting thing about Google Street View is that it takes you to places where no one has been. You can see what the inside of museums, underwater coral, and camelback in Abu Dhabi look like with a click on your computer screen or phone! All around the world people have never seen these amazing views before because we are able to fly through 3D space-time using satellites orbiting Earth’s geostationary belt.

Google announced their achievement last May when they had captured more than 10 million miles (16 million kilometers) of street view imagery across 83 countries for maps including panoramic images taken under water such as West Nusa Tenggara Coral Reefs which were viewed from Camelback during ten day trek by Apa Sherpa.

It really is an interesting app to have on your phone.

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