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Requirements4.1 and up
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FR Legends Description

Racing game in which you will be able to participate in an injury-prone drift competition in which there is physics, you have never felt so crazy drift and the will to win.The races in this game are not like those you often see on TV or car races like Grand Pix. It focuses on drifting. If you don’t know, drift is a very difficult skill in racing. It requires hours of practice with specially designed cars. If you’re a fan of the Fast and Furious series, you can see the main characters doing this skill regularly while racing.

To win FR Legends races, mastering drifting is the first thing you need to do. Most modes and races require you to use this skill to win. In real life, drift is a technique of professional drivers. Not many people can do it. However, you can easily master this technique by combining the brake, throttle and steering wheel rotation. The best advice for you is that you should join Practice mode to get familiar with the controls and basic techniques of the game.There are no controls on the FR Legends’ game screen. Touch the right of the screen to accelerate the car. The lower-left corner of the screen is the brake, above it is the handbrake. The game gives you some other controls such as tilting the device, virtual steering wheel.

You can change the controls in Setting.Practice mode allows you to drive without rules and pressure. This is the right place for you to get acquainted with the track, the control system and practice drift skills. Besides, you can challenge yourself in Solo Run mode. Show off the spectacular drifting and create your own score record.

The most outstanding mode of FR Legends is Chase Run – Lead Run. In this mode, you will join the race with another player (maybe AI). If you choose Lead Run, your task is like playing Solo Run, which means trying to drift well to earn lots of points from the game. It requires you to have good control of your vehicle and have good skills.In the role of Chase, the game requires that you always follow the Lead car. However, you are not allowed to overtake and collide with a Lead car.

The green circle on the rear of the Lead car tells you the best position to follow this vehicle. To always keep a safe distance, you need to predict well the movement of the Lead car. After two laps, the car has more points will win.Despite realistic physics, but FR Legends’ graphics are not too detailed and sharp. Movement and collision are very well done, you feel like you are sitting on a car while making a drift.

Because the graphics are not too high, the game can run well on many devices. You can use a mid-range phone with Android 4.1+.The size of the game is significantly less and takes very much less space as compared to its quality .I hope that you liked my review for this particular game and it’s according to my perspective so no hard feelings for anyone who has different thinking about the game. Thank you!

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