[UNLIMITED] Fictions: Choose your emotions MOD (Unlimited Money)

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When was the last time you made a new beginning? When was the last time you pursued and realised your dreams? When was the last time you met and fought for your true love?
Make your own choices in life!

With Fictions – a unique new game – anything is possible! You will embark on an incredible journey and make life decisions that will take you to places you’ve never been!

Create your own storey with Fictions, an immersive storey game that allows you to customise each story’s emotional tone.

Your decision has the potential to alter the course of history! Discover romance, adventure, mystery, suspense, and horror, among other genres… Fictions is a brand-new interactive story-telling application that allows you to make your own storey! About of you has the ability to make decisions that feel right and to write a unique storey – a storey about your alternative life.

Fictions will provide you with the world’s largest set of storey games!

This is the home of your favourite franchises: Love & Diaries and Heir of Love.

Discover new incredible stories

Embark on epic fantasy journeys, fall in love, and solve crimes. Choose your storey from our ever-growing library, which receives weekly chapter updates. In immersive visual tales, you have complete control over what happens next!

With Fictions, you will embark on an incredible journey and make life decisions that will take you to places you’ve never been!

Immerse yourself in entertaining immersive stories that will pique your emotions, ranging from romance to suspense!

Pick your storey and make the appropriate choices! Available narratives include the following:

Ricardo’s Love & Diaries
Aaron – Saisons 1-5 of Love & Diaries. Underlove Stories : Nicola
Love’s Heir
Seventh Heir of Love
Jimmy Chase me Memory Hunter : Heir of Love
12 Indicators of Love
Remake of AnticLove
AnticLove : A storey about a pair of sisters.

Pick your storey and make the appropriate choices! Currently scheduled stories: Patrick – Season 3 of Love & Diaries
Season 2 of Memory Hunter
Derek Ouroboros’s Love & Diaries
Seasons 1-2 of Disloyaly RisingLovers
Medical Intensive Care
Ash – Saisons 1-5 of Love & Diaries.
Damon’s Love & Diaries
Hayden’s Love & Diaries
Lucas’s Love & Diaries
Duncan – saisons 1-2 of Love & Diaries
Michael – Seasons 1-2 of Love & Diaries
Winter’s Kiss
The Influencer of Spring Kiss Love
Summer Vacation Underlove-Stories : Celebrity
Ballerina Prima

And numerous others…

Numerous immersive storey games with robust customization options and weekly updates!

Every day, play this game to discover your true self. Determine how you will react in life-altering circumstances! Determine if the choices you make in the game correspond to those you make in real life. Set out on a path of self-discovery!

Make no mistake about the significance of making sound choices. DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY! Take part in Fictions, an immersive storey game, and discover new things about yourself! Choose your own storey!

Fictions : Pick a storey – You have complete control over the storey – your decisions will have an impact.
– Several distinct characters with which you will communicate in a variety of ways.
– Build the romance and love storey of your dreams.
– Strike a balance between the Romance, Drama, Horror, and Thriller genres. Choose your own storey!
– Awe-inspiring realism in terms of visuals, colours, and sound.

And much more…

Do not waste another minute. DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY! Play Fictions, a new story-based immersive game. Manage your job, relationships, and daily meaningful choices!

What is your narrative? Now is your chance to find out!


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