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Fictions: Choose Your Emotions is a game that helps you explore new and exciting possibilities. You’ll meet all sorts of different characters! Help your protagonist to get the ending they want by choosing their answers in story scenes, but remember – no answer will lead them on an incorrect path!

Even when you are feeling worn out or bored, Fictions: Choose Your Emotions can be a great choice for an escape. This game is best suited to those who want the immersive experience of being in control and playing as their favorite characters. You will feel each emotion from every level in this game because it’s your own decisions that make these events happen!

The system allows you to get diamonds after every level, which is super convenient. After each chapter of your story finishes, you can accumulate more and the game becomes easier because it’s great being able to see when a certain amount of chapters exist so that we know how much time we have for playing them all before they finish. But if watching ads isn’t too bothersome-you might as well do it since this will help give back some form or reward in return! The ad provides only about twenty seconds at most and there are many opportunities given by these short video clips where one could be watchable while on break from playtime with friends. Allowing oneself small breaks like this during the day doesn’t seem bad and you will also get a nice reward of diamonds in the game.

In the world of Fictions: Choose Your Emotions, there are always new challenges to face. You can go back and replay old stories if you want but it is better use that time for finding more challenging things in your life now. If you think that you got the ending that you wanted, then try considering an exact opposite direction since that will let you find new endings which might be more exciting then you might have ever thought.

I love the story line of this game, but I think there should be a better way to get stars. It takes forever just to save up enough for one decision in the game; it shouldn’t take weeks worth of saving and collecting all these points.

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