[UNLIMITED] Egg, Inc. MOD (Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperAuxbrain Inc
Requirements4.0.3 and up
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Unlimited Coins

Egg, Inc. Description

Egg Inc mod APK is a simulation game where the player is required to manage a chicken farm and increase its possibility. You have to come to know from somewhere that egg consumption is on the rise and it is going to explode in a few years down the line so you know that this is going to be the next gold mine and therefore you join in the gold rush, you decide to establish a chicken farm so that you can get into the business and earn some quick bucks.

The process, though not easy was rewarding and this convinced you to get into it. The game is fun and anyone can play irrespective of age. The game is a very light-hearted one and there is nothing other than joy that you will get in this. You will be overwhelmed by the kind of graphics that this game has, it very cartoon-ish but seems really good. The game just requires you to maintain the farm and make the business grow as much as you can.

Egg. Inc mod APK provides a dedicated button that allows you to make or rather breed chickens. You can breed as many number of chickens as you want by repeatedly pressing the red button that will be located in the middle.

The higher the number of chicken, more will be the number of eggs and hence higher the profitability although this doesn’t mean that making chickens is your only job, you will have to be careful of the number of chickens that you are breeding because you will have to have a house that the chickens can live in, it is called as hen house and too many chickens without proper space is going to decrease your profitability because a lot of eggs might be destroyed.

The developers have restricted the number of chickens that can go inside a hen house according to its size. If you find that the number of chickens breeded has become too much then you can increase the hen house capacity by upgrading it and making it larger. The player also gets the option of making a new hen house because there is no constraint of space in the farm and you can enjoy the space freely.

The gameplay is very straightforward and there are no complications involved in the functionality of other features either. The game has one more interesting elements that gives you rewards.

There is a drone that keeps flying however if it falls in your farm, you will get huge rewards in terms of money or gold eggs. Golden eggs are a rare resource in this game as it is very unique and thus expensive.

The player will also have to collect all the eggs that the chickens hatch, this upon packaging can be sent to different places, however, you won’t have to worry because a car will appear that will take away all the eggs and the money will be added to your account sometime after making it supereasy and hassle free to a great extent. As the farm grows, you will be able to invest your money in better systems that will further automate a lot of processes and make things even more easier for you.

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