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Double Life: Love Story and Sim mod apk basically is an interactive romance novel. Your choices decide as to what your fate will be. It is a fantastic game for those who are avid romance novel readers. The stories are designed in such a way that you play more as you anticipate what will happen next. There are many games in the market like this but none of them are as beautifully executed as this one. This digital romance novel will get you hooked on for hours.

One important aspect of the game is that it is mainly geared towards the female audience but men can also play it. With men playing the game, the only caveat will be that it may not be as interesting. For females though this game is absolutely phenomenal. You will get to choose between handsome men in the game. You don’t have to chase any of them as they would chase you. Since it is a game none of them will judge you on your looks, or anything for that matter. The stories takes some of the most interesting twists and turns as you choose one of them. There are many sub-plots as well and you can get into further sub-plots with your choices.

Some of the men that would be chasing you will include your boss, your mentor, ex-boyfriend, and many more. You need to play your cards very well since it will decide how successful your love life will be in this game. If you get confused between your suitors then you can devise plans to test them. This is one of the most interesting aspects in my opinion. How you test your suitors depends entirely upon you and it can greatly effect the way the story is progressing.

Double Life tests your emotional intelligence as well and it tries to improve it as it’s gives you certain tips while you are playing the game. Emotional intelligence is one of the key requirements to be successful in this world. The benefit of playing this game also lies in the fact that you will get to know many things about being in a relationship even if you are single. You also get to know the common pitfalls that most of the individuals fall for and avoid that in your real life. The creators of the game had put forth some really commendable job and they are trying their best to keep the game updated.

The dialogues of each of the character in Double life is well-written and you would feel that as you play the game. They are not even remotely similar as you would find in some of its counterparts. You would love to read through them as the characters go through conversations. You will also get to know about the human nature a lot and this is what I find missing in many of the modern games.

You could do hell lot of customizations to your characters from their dress, hair color, and makeup. The best part is that you could change their makeup after playing any chapter. You could also customize the theme of where you want to date. This is a nice little bonus that I absolutely enjoyed. You could also do the makeup as you want and you could also copy many of the famous makeup artists. There are many interesting characters in the game and you will love the conversations with many of them. There are bonuses in the game as well and you could only avail them if you play it daily. Overall, Double life mod apk is an interesting romance game and you should definitely check it out if you are interested in romance novels.

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