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Civilization VI – Build A City | Strategy 4X Game Video


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Civilization VI – Build A City | Strategy 4X Game Description

Civilization VI is the premier sequel to the Civilization game series. This turn-based strategy game, set in a fictional world based on popular movies of which it bears its name, will take you through iconic scenes and decision points from history all while building your empire! Try to explore new ways to interact with this virtual world by interacting directly with map tiles as well as improving culture production under your rule. You can compete against famous leaders throughout time who have their own unique traits that make them one step closer towards ruling more land than anyone else ever has before!

Your only goal in this game is to grow your empire and improve its conditions over time. As can be seen in strategy games such as Civilization VI, you must focus on building culture, religion and science for your empire if you want it to dominate militarily or develop technology more than other civilizations’ empires do. Other ways that are crucial in this game include research which will help improve military units like soldiers who have better weapons or technologies so they don’t die easily; trade routes with resources including food that helps build cities faster; cultural influence using things like artisanship buildings where citizens produce artwork rather than weaponry when engaged in battles among other cultures.

Civilization VI has many features that make it more exciting for players. One of these is the expansion of cities to occupy only one tile on the map, allowing a player to take possession in nearby areas if they are within line-of-sight and have the type of soil which work well with certain buildings or structures such as farms. This promotes thinking about strategy while also encouraging creativity from gamers who must think strategically when mapping out their plan for victory!

I played this game for some hours and I can’t believe how many hours of fun I’ve had with this game. The controls of the game is good and the graphics of the game is phenomenal. I played for 60 turns, but then immediately purchased the full version since there was so much content that made me want more!



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